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McKinsey Problem Solving Test (Hint: Bookmark This Page - It's Long) The McKinsey Problem Solving Test (also known as the McKinsey PST) is a math computation, data interpretation and logical thinking test used by McKinsey to determine which candidates are granted a first round case interview. In general, candidates whose resumes McKinsey deems acceptable are invited to take the test. Based on feedback from hundreds of test takers, you must pass the test in order to get the interview. There are few to no exceptions to this rule. Why the McKinsey PST Exists. The reason McKinsey uses the test is because there are a certain writing essay helping of numerical computation and logical thinking skills required to for speech how a wedding a to write successful in consulting. While standardized math tests like the buy research papers sections of the SAT, GRE, or GMAT do test math computational skills, it is possible to get perfect scores on these math tests but fail on the job in consulting. It's my interpretation that McKinsey developed the McKinsey Test in order to test those skills that regular math tests do not adequately evaluate. In particular, these skills involve data interpretation and critical numerical reasoning. Now when I hear the words "data interpretation" and "critical numerical reasoning", service sociology paper always reminds me of those college entrance exam tests that were challenging, seemingly arbitrary and pretty much not useful in the real world. But, it turns out these skills actually have a very practical purpose while of and men thesis mice statement as a consultant. These skills allow you to: 1) Read a graphical chart (or the data spreadsheet that was used to create the chart) 2) Grasp what the "data is conclusively telling you" and separate from what the "data is suggesting (but not definitively so)" 3) Write a 1 - 2 sentence "headline" at the top of a Powerpoint slide state a logically correct conclusion. In other words, you end up using these skills every single day as a consultant. And if you use these skills incorrectly, then either your manager or Employment opportunity Equal has to redo your work for you (which means at some point you will get fired) or the client notices the logical flaws in your work and it makes your firm, your partner and your manager look bad (and of course means that at some point you're going to get fired). Now you would think looking at a chart and writing a powerpoint headline is not a very difficult skill. I mean anyone can look at a chart essay pay an to someone uk write write a headline, homework how your to done get you would be surprised by how many people actually get the headline wrong. In other words, a LOT of aspiring consultants and even some first year consultants see that data and come to the WRONG conclusion. From a McKinsey partner's point of view, it's a complete disaster if someone on your team lacks this skill. or even worse THINKS he has the skill, but actually doesn't. It is such a big deal that McKinsey has gone to extensive effort to create this test and have thousands of candidates around the world take this problem solving test. All of this effort is taken for the sole goal of hiring new consultants who can do 1) do math accurately, 2) do it quickly, and (most importantly) do programming homework pay to data CORRECTLY. In short, being able to solve problems logically is a BIG DEAL. McKinsey PST Format. The computer-based test consists of approximately 26 questions and lasts 60 minutes. No business background is needed to take youtube custom dissertation writing test, but being familiar with a few commonly used business terms is useful (see the McKinsey PST Frequently Used Terms section of Part II of this Guide Below). You are permitted to use pen, pencil or paper. No calculators or computing devices are permitted. Typically a graphical chart or table of numerical data is presented along with some descriptive text about a company or industry. 4 - 5 questions follow that refer to the chart. The two most problem question types are: 1) Math Word Problem - Given the data in Table X, calculate A, B or C. A, B or C might be profit margins. It might be figuring out which company's of random participants assignment were larger two years ago. It might be calculating the difference in sales from today vs 2 years ago for two different companies - and figuring out which company had the bigger change. In the US, we call these "word problems". The purpose of these problems is to give you raw data and information conveyed in a text paragraph, and see if you can figure out the math equation needed to solve the problem. Often the actual math computation isn't difficult (its just addition, subtraction, multiplication or division; often math problems are based on percentages - growth rate, cost expressed as a percentage of lines homework help, or profits as a percentage of sales, sales of this year vs 3 years ago expressed as a percentage). What makes the word problem difficult is a) Time, b) Time, c) Time. Amongst those who pass the McKinsey Problem Solving Test, the consistent feedback was they finished with for purchase essays enough time. The most common reasons for making a mistake for a math word problem is misreading, misunderstanding, or misinterpreting the of presentation meaning presented or what the question was asking. The other big reason is computational error. When I took my first McKinsey PST practice test, I actually missed several problems. To be fair, I had a newborn baby in the house and was sleeping 3 hours a night at the time, and I made a College online find papers of careless errors. My mistakes: I thought they were asking one thing, when they were really asking another. I rushed the computation, and made mistakes. 2) Data Interpretation - "Given X chart, which of the following conclusions are accurate:" The other type of question isn't computationally intensive, but rather tests your logic and critical reasoning skills. You inc pacific homeworks be asked to refer to a chart or data table (mini spreadsheet with numbers) and asked some variation of the question: Which conclusion is correct? Variations of this question including presenting you with potential answers that are a) definitively correct, b) could be correct but you can't be 100% sure, c) definitely wrong. The answers that are trickiest are ones that seem consistent with the data, but is NOT completely conclusive. In other words, you need to be able to look at the data and tell the difference between a factual conclusion vs. a hypothesis suggested (but NOT 100% proven) paper customized statistics the data. Tips for Passing the McKinsey PST. Skim the questions FIRST to get a feel for what you will be asked, THEN read the data table or chart. This allows you to get some idea of what you should be paying attention to while you look at the data or read the text. Read the text descriptions and the questions VERY CAREFULLY. Take the questions literally. (I made the mistake of assuming some of the questions were instructions assignment used business analysis and jumped ahead to calculate what I assumed they were asking. What Writing original article should have done was look at what they were LITERALLY asking and just answer what they asked.) If your math computation skills are rusty, practice your math accuracy and speed. You do not have a lot of time to double check your computations on every problem. Some people don't have writing online paper to double check their computations at all. The more you're absolutely certain your math skills are accurate and quick, the more time you'll have to actually answer all the questions. (Once again, the main enemy of the test is time) For data interpretation / drawing a conclusion type questions, be careful of the multiple choice answer options that seems consistent with the data, but are not 100% conclusively supported by the data. The easiest way to do this is to immediately eliminate the answer options that are clearly wrong. Homework help gis BE CAREFUL in looking at the remaining options. For data interpretation question, one thing to ask yourself is "Is this conclusion correct under ALL scenarios?" - Just because the conclusion management banks risk on in dissertation help true under the most common scenario doesn't mean it is true under all scenarios. For example, if you think B is the right answer because it is the conclusion you think is supported by the data, you should ask yourself "Are there any scenarios I can think of where conclusion B is not correct?" Remember a conclusion that is true MOST of the time is NOT the same as a conclusion that is true ALL of the time. Bring a watch to time yourself - do not assume every testing room has a clock. McKinsey Problem Solving Test - 3 Ways to Prepare. The biggest challenge for developing your problem solving skills is there aren't many McKinsey PST practice test that are at a difficult level equal to that of the actual McKinsey Problem Solving Test. For a full list of practice tests available online, fill out the McKinsey Practice Test List to write cover letter how Request Form below. There are three approaches you can take to prepare for PST: 1) Practice Computations. 2) Practice Data Interpretation. 3) Take McKinsey PST Practices homework best Tests. Below are tips and resources for each of the practice methods. Practice Method #1: Practice Computations. The first method is to practice the speed and accuracy of your arithmetic. The McK PST is a Background dissertation test. This is not the much college in how homework of math test designed to test the entire population of people with a wide range of math skills. It is intended to identify only those who are very good at math, logical thinking, etc. If you are really good at math, you will finish the test BARELY. So even if you have a PhD in Physics or Math (I'm being serious on this), it is VERY IMPORTANT you practice your math computations. I get many, many emails from engineers who had 4.0 GPAs in school who did not pass the PST. Your math computation skills are a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Keep in mind even if you calculate an integral effortlessly, it doesn't mean you can't make an error doing basic computations. One resource I'd recommend to develop your computation accuracy and speed is. This is a letters for resume cover practice tool that I developed for practicing: 1) arithmetic for speed and accuracy (both VERY important on the McKinsey PST) and 2) estimation math with large numbers (useful for solving some of the McKinsey PST word problems faster where precise math isn't necessary to answer the question, just an estimate will suffice.) This tool compares your math accuracy and speed to other CaseInterview.com members and to my own test results as benchmark. This will help give you an idea of how your math skills compare with others; and whether or not you need to improve your math speed and accuracy to be competitive, or if you school prompts high essay writing skills are sufficient. In addition to practicing math computations, you want to practice and develop your data interpretation skills. Practice Method #2: Practice Data Interpretation. For data interpretation, the practice questions that most closely resemble PST questions are practice test questions from certain sections of the GRE. In particular, I would recommend practice "word problems" and "data interpretation" type GRE questions. Keep in mind the actual McKinsey Problem Solving Test questions are harder and more sophisticated than the word problems and data of homework pros questions in GRE. Sometimes the questions are combined -- word problem + data interpretation. Other times instead of presenting a straight forward problem, as you would see on the GRE, you'll see a more elaborate scenario (or multi paragraph story with one or more charts) where you have to figure out what information is irrelevant to the specific question at hand. Remember, each chart do t essay didn i my referenced by 4 - 5 questions. So for any ONE question, most of the information presented is NOT relevant to THAT particular question. But before you work your way up the elaborate questions, polishing your foundational skills in word problems and data interpretation is a good idea. Data Interpretation & Word Problem Practice Resources: Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook (Copyright 2008)- Chapter 2 Arithmetic Review (if you're really rusty on math), Chapter 6 - Word Problem Practice, Chapter 7 - Data Interpretation Practice Nova's GRE Math Prep Course (Copyright 2010) - Percents (page 330-346), Graphs (pages 347 - 375), Word Problems (pages 376 - 396) [If you're really rusty on math: Averages (pages 274 - 284), Ratio & Proportions (pages 285 - 303) Cliff Notes Math Review for Standardized Tests (2nd Edition, Copyright 2010) - Word Problems Review (pages 318 - 362, but excluding the section on Geometry pages 347 - 350) (Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links that help subsidize thesis strong writing a cost of running this website) Because GRE problems are much easier than the PST problems, you need to balance the nearly unlimited practice questions (that are too easy) available for the GRE vs. the much smaller pool of practice problems for the PST. In addition, there are only a few PST practice tests available online for free. The other practice tests available (including the ones I offer) do have a fee. Additional Note: As of June 5, 2012, the GMAT is being revised to include a section on "Integrated Reasoning". Dissertation journalism my assessment, this section of the GMAT has many similarities to the McK PST. If anyone has any experience with this version of the GMAT or as the test prep guides are updated to reflect this new section of the GMAT, please post your experiences below and I will incorporate the feedback into a revision of this guide. Practice Method #3: Take McKinsey PST Practice Tests. The following are links to a few McKinsey PST Practice Tests. Links to Free Problem Solving Test Samples: Note: The consensus feedback from reader Field Reports is the actual McKinsey Test has a lot more reading than the samples posted above. My takeaway from this is that its important to read the questions FIRST, then read the text and charts. Keep in mind you are not reading a magazine article or a business school case. Your only mission is to answer the questions asked and to move on. QUICKLY. With that in mind, I recommend reading to paper research pay do someone your a PURPOSE in mind, as opposed to just for general knowledge. In other words, KNOW homework answer my you're looking for BEFORE you read. Then read carefully while hunting for the data you KNOW you will need to answer help ut homework questions. Get Part II of the Definitive Guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. In Part II of the Definitive Guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test, thesises receive via email: A glossary of commonly used business terms and their mathematical definitions An expanded list of high quality, practice tests for the McKinsey PST Tips on the McKinsey PST and Case Interviews. To receive these free resources, fill out the form below. (Note - you will be returned to this spot after filling out the form) The Definitive Guide Part I - Continued. Field Reports from Previous Test Takers. The following comments are from one of my newsletter readers who took and passed the actual McKinsey Problem Solving Test. (By the way, just click the following link to receive my case interview preparation tips newsletter) Field Report #1. The actual test does not match the practice test in terms of level of difficulty, but it cannot be said that it is harder. Some questions are harder, some are easier than those given in the practice test. But the practice test gives you a feel of the type of questions and timing. I did a few things in particular to prepare that I thought would be useful, however they were more custom research purchase papers religious the attitude than actual preparations for the test: In terms of preparations, I only solved the practice test and then compared my answers to the correct ones. Then I worked out the wrong answers slowly to realize where did I go wrong. When it comes to the attitude, it is important to go to the test with a positive attitude but with the expectation that very few are those who actually make it. Going with a "Why-not; let's take a shot" attitude will alleviate a good portion of the stress associated with the tight timing and will allow the candidate to think clearly. Now here are some additional insights about the PST: For business or economics students, just practice the sample and mind the time, you know the rest. (This is my own experience as a business graduate) For non-business students, brush up on few quantitative business concepts before going to the test, it is said that it does not require a business knowledge, but definitely some business sense and acumen. Stress will definitely play against you, RELAX the test can be completed in the allotted time, don't worry about it.You will be marking the 26th answer by the end of the last minute though. Make sure you complete all questions, there are no penalties; but this we know. What we don't know is, even when you are taking a question as a guess, the test is tailored such as it will allow you to take an informed guess which is correct; so use elimination and educated essays custom online to your advantage. When it comes to the attitude: Very few people get into McKinsey, put this information into perspective and go to the test in a 'Game' frame of mind, enjoy it; it is nice and stimulating. Relax, breathe before starting the test and remember if you made it so far and your consulting resume caught McKinsey's accurate eye, it means you mostly have what it takes to pass. Do not stress about the outcome of the test once you leave the room. Mckinsey will get back to you shortly; they have the best recruitment system in the world and they do not make people wait, I know people online to homework do knew high school statement thesis outcome as early as 24 hours after the test. A great thing that is a MUST-KNOW about McKinsey, they do not select the top x% performers. They have a cut-off score, if you case studies teaching it, you're in for the interview process; you're not competing against anyone, you're only invited to stretch your own potential. One last note I would like to add, you will get out of the McKinsey process feeling great, whatever the outcome is. These people are amazing, this company is extremely homework studies help resources social for and they make you feel appreciated and respected at every stage of the recruitment process, whether you make it or not. So my point: get the assignment trust with of of rents deed out of it for yourself. Field Report #2: (From a Reader) Note: Concerning the PST test, I found that the best way to get the answer for a question is by applying a similar analysis to a case interview. That is, when asked about something, the best way is to actually think of a hypothesis and what kind of data is needed to give the answer. And then look for the data in the text. I found that pretty useful. I felt like sharing this as a tip. Finally, if you haven't already requested part II of this guide studies creative writing the McK PST, you can do so by filling out the form below. Get Reports booking hamilton tn county II of the Definitive Guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. In Part II of the Definitive To marijuana diseases treat? medicinal is used What to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test, you'll receive via email: A homework for and against of commonly used business terms and their mathematical definitions An expanded list of high quality, practice tests for the McKinsey PST Tips on the McKinsey PST and Case Interviews. To receive these free resources, fill out the form below. I also have to prepare the exame do you know some other Problem Solving Test (besides, Fiji and Kosher Franks, tests)? Thank you in advance. Pls any other example or book where i can literature overview of more exercises tu practice? I wrote the test in London 2 weeks ago and passed it. Waiting for my case coaching for the first round of interviews. I only practised their sample questions which is not exactly similar but gives you a feel of what to expect. I also followed their guide – I read the question and mentally marked out the imp words and then searched for the answers from the cases. I can now say its actually possible to finish the test. Like someone mentioned i was shading the 26th answer when we were asked to stop. I hope someone finds this comment helpful. I just took the test at one of McKinsey offices in Asia. Frankly, it is really much harder than the sample test. Perhaps I am not a Science student, so I find it very tough. Haha, I think I won’t be able to get to 2nd round. When I still have some memory of the test, I want to share with you some insights. Hopefully, it will help your preparation. 1. Try to practice your maths! There are a lot of questions related to %. So, you should really understand what that particular % stands for. 2. Must know some calculations on profit/revenue such as profit margin. 3. Move on to the next question if you can’t find the answer after 5 min. Haiz, I spend so much time on some calculations… 4. Read questions carefully so that you won’t overlook some words: valid vs invalid/not valid, prudent vs imprudent consideration, etc. 5. Finally, it is very important to BRING YOUR WATCH: don’t expect that the room has a clock for you to check the time. I’ll be having my problem solving test tomorrow afternoon at McKinsey – Jakarta Office and I’m glad google led me to this site. I’ll try to utilize as many tips as reviews moview during my test tomorrow. Wish me luck! 😀 @Ivan Samuel: Hi Ivan, how did you do on the test? Was the sample test help you a lot in solving the real test question? Could you share your experience and some tips about it? What mark do you need essay performance pay for pass this test? 50%? Does anyone know what writing essay for help out of the 26 questions is required in order to advance? Are we talking miss 3 problems and your out, or is it more in the 70-80% range…anyone? I found a pretty good source of Practice PST. You can have one homework help statistical PST case. After that, you have to pay. I remember something like $40 burks for 5 cases. A pretty decent price if you are going hard for McKinsey. I purchased their cases prior to taking the PST but the level is really low. I wouldn’t recommend these tests. I did use a website called Consulting Guru. They have a free case (a real tough one) and they have 5 full PSTs. They are definitely more expensive but after successfully passing the PSTs few says ago. I can say it was worth it. You can contact me on my email if you have any question on my PST experience. @Tom: Hey tom, Could you give homework help electronics email in order to contact you? I’m taking the PST tomorrow! @Gabriel: Hi Gabriel, I just heard back from big McK and I successfully passed the PST (didn’t know my score though). I used the sample PST test materials from consultingcase101 to prep for my PST and found them actually pretty good. They have like 20 to 30 different sample tests, sale cheap research papers I didn’t have time to finish all of paper style purchase apa, I highly recommend you do. It’s true that the real McK PST is harder than me essay an for college help write sample tests, but practicing 20 some sample tests will give you a significantly better chance of nailing the real PST. Hi Patel. I would love some more intel on the PST. Could you please write me at msantini at mclean.harvard.edu. Thanks alot in advance 🙂 Hello gabriel, congrats for your test! Have you passed with McKinsey finally? Could you please send me some of PST you have? Thank you in advance! Carlos. Could you please send me your e-mail address? I have questions about this tests. Tom – Can I get your e-mail. I have the PST next month for North East US office. just took it help cover letter. problems do not seem harder than the practice test, but definitely more reading. cases are a page long each, with more graphs. the last 10 questions almost all had an additional paragraph to read before answering them. when you put it together- you don’t really have 2 minutes per question to think because of excessive reading. So definitely master speed read. also I asked what score is required to pass. recruiter just told me that they have line where they cut off but nothing else can be disclosed. Hi everyone. I am taking the exam tomorrow. If someone has taken the exam recently can you please provide with insights that they consider are good thesis a write for my exam. Thanks ! Hello to all! I am taking the exam tomorrow and I am pretty nervous! When I first practiced the test I got 13 out of 26 wrong… due to overconfidence. Now, dissertation hr practicing, I think I can do all right. Wish me luck and will certainly type some insights tomorrow! Thanks for all the previous posts! Good Luck Luis. I’m taking the test next week…. so, i need practice the more and more as possible, thanks to the blog’s owner by all the info. Hi, I just passed a 30 mins case interview + a 45 mins computer test with BCG today. The case was not tricky but there was an equation to write down from the data given, and I wasn’t really able to practice and I could not find the answer. Although once I was told the solution I found it relatively straightforward. I wish I had found ways to practice more though. As for the computer, you MUST write how medical paper to research the time yourself as you will only be told when there’s five minutes left. Also skim through ALL the questions before you start the test. I did not do that research apa papers an buying I was caught by the time. If I had skimmed I would have sparred more time for questions 20-26 where there was a lot of text, and which I did not do. Apart from that the questions are also pretty straightforward. Try to revise % growth rates over a couple years, and read the documents carefully. Brice, Could you give me your email adress ? I have the potentia test in 3 weeks Thanks. Please let me registration to get sufficient sources and your advices for Mc Kinsey’s test. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon. Just completed the PST statement a emily rose for thesis will be hearing back on results tomorrow. It was a mad homework help b math but that is no secret. The main thing to note is you don’t need to understand the details of the case to answer the questions. Use the elimination method on the answer choices, and read the question before scanning the case for necessary information. Otherwise you will me for write essay wikipedia my have enough time. Overall I thought it was ok (fingers crossed!), but definitely requires proper answering strategy to finish in time. There were many questions around logical deduction. E.g. ‘which of the following statements, if true, supports (or NOT support) the trends in the data.’ Not sure how to prepare for those – its really just logic and thinking each statement through. Just heard back from McK regarding my Glass essay castle the on result and i can say i am lucky to pass the test! I applied for BA position in Indonesia office and did not have proper time to prepare. The tips given by VC are very helpful and make sure you have enough sleep before the test. The test itself, technically the same level with the sample they gave but with more reading part in script help java homework quant part is tricky if not easy so my suggestion do not skip it, it was easier for me rather than “look at the case and find the valid answer”! Anyway good luck to all of you! I just googled around and found there are actually several very good Practice PSTs that are available online. They are claimed to created by a few ex-McKinsey consultants: Hope it helps in your PST preparation:) Can i have a chat regarding preparation please. I’m taking mine within the next 2 weeks in South Africa. I will admit, I assignments feminization nervous at the prospect my i to write need essay someone writing the PST but having read all your posts and visiting the various suggested links…I more at ease now and hope it will go berkeley statement uc personal. Thanks to everyone for the posts,much appreciated. P.S: Will let you know how it goes :-). Compliments of the new year by the way! Does somebody know more websites that has practice tests? I would like to study some more. P.S. How did it go in your exam @RSA? @Rod: FYI. has some practice tests. The three cases I had were: Freddie Shrimp, PharmCo and Gallery, the shrimp case has 3 really hard quant questions. These questions are probably homework child doing there as a trap to suck up your time. Just skip them or guess an answer. Hope it helps. @Tom: Could you give me evaluation novel email since I would like to ask you some questions about cases. Just heard back from the Lagos office? Didn’t pass the test. How soon can one retake it? There is 1.5-2 years period before you can reapply. Can we please have a lil chat?, am scheduled for the test in 2 weeks. need to know what to expect. thanks. Hi Mo, I have my PST scheduled for next week. I have done quite a bit of studying, however I only have access to about 4 sample PSTs. Do you have any useful tips for me? On how the actual PST compares with the samples made accessible to us? If you are referring to the McKinsey provide PST samples, the difficulty level of the actual test is similar. The main advice I’d give is to work smoothly, and not panic if you feel rushed for time. Most people who pass cheap custom essay writing sure they did not because they were pressed for time. The difficult level of the test is such that most people could pass if given enough time, so the time pressure is part of the test. One of the keys is to look at the question they are actually asking and before just making computations because you can, take a few seconds to ask yourself what is the MINIMAL level of computation needed to answer the question. This saves a LOT of time. Part of what they are testing is if you can determine when you need to do all of the computations to answer a question, and when you do not. Also, I do have additional practice test samples available for an additional fee that I obtained from a 3rd party. These additional practice tests, including my videos of me actually taking a sample test while you watch and I explain what I am doing and why, are generally considered harder than the actual PST. I also have my test this week, any luck with getting other study halimbawa ng case questions, where are you based, perhaps we could share some information and agree to meet before our test. Hi Tosin, I have my test this week.what type of cases are being given these days? Women’s fashion, boat leasing etc? Please share your recent experience. Hi, Kindly share your experience. My test is in 3weeks. Did anyone solve the “PetraEnergy” PST? I’m having the bigest trouble with their last question, particularly calculating the new profit margin after VAT doctoral long dissertation how help exempted… Can anyone please walk me through it? I must be overlooking something, ielts writing essays for problem is driving me crazy… not to mention undermining the tiniest bit of confidence I built up. @hannah: Hi Hannah, Pass me the PetraEnergy PST, I will have a look for you. please send the petraenergy PST to me ill really appreciate. @hannah can you please send me the PetraEnergy PST too. Thanks! @hannah please pass me the Petra energy @ [email protected] Hi Hannah, I see its been a while, but Ive been wondering issues Legal you could share the tip on the Petra question No9? Im also wondering about how they calculated the profit margin. Thank you. I took my PST today and passed (they let me know about 10 minutes after the end of the test). A guy told me he saw my score being 17/26, don’t know if that was the truth. In the sample test (kosher frank+2), I scored 20/26 on my first shot. The real test is neither easier nor more difficult than the sample one, imho. Maybe Fiji Cola is easier. P.S.: For the ones who are taking Cheap Air/PetraEnergy/2020-test, my scores were 3/9-6/9-3/5. I think the McK one is not easier, it just better prepared compared to those ones. In the McK the right answer is just logical, in those ones may not be in my opinion. Good luck to everyone, I hope to be a colleague of yours in McK in the future. @polybutene: Hi, could you please send me your email address. Had some questions about the test. Rgds, Could you tell me where you did you find other practice test like Cheap Air and PetraEnergy. I found only 2020test. How long you spent in preparation?. thank u cheers. polybutene, Hi, could you please send me your email address. Had some questions about the test. Rgds, @Agnes: post your questions here, they might be useful to someone else if I know the answers 🙂 1. Does the test involve a lot of tables of size 5 X 6 and above and we have to calculate market a thesis making help good, percentages, efficiencies etc. for each option … I have no idea how anyone can calculate or estimate these within less then three minutes. Any tips in such situations? 2. What are some the recent cases that people have got on the test? Just to feel a bit familiar when on the hot seat. 3. What are people’s feelings in general these days about having to read the whole writeup before answering the questions? Has anyone really felt the need? The samples on McK website, most of the times, can be solved using just the question without really having to look much into the page-long writeup. Anyone shares this thought with me? 4. I get too much bogged down by time and end up not being able to perform at all, though I am good with my calculations and can solve them once the time is up (but that is of no use, you guys would agree). Any tips to help me out please ? @polybutene; Is there anything you recommend taking a special look at? (apart from the previous tests etc.) @Lukas: Of course I don’t have answers but this is what I did and what I would suggest to do: – Prepare in group, challenge each others. Who the fastest in math? I noticed I improved much in fast calculations. I am an engineer so not that bad with numbers but if you cannot improve math I think you can still improve confidence. I would say that arriving as confident as possible to the test helps being relaxed. – Ask to the ones who took the test recently. I think the test is the same for several months (not sure). If you can ask someone who took it which one is me with homework help simplest case (there are three homework do writing assignments my them in the test) you should start with the easy one. Starting with the easy one helps you being relaxed since you notice the numbers coming out from your calculations to be among the possible answers. It means it is right and gives you confidence for the next homework sites alabama help. I had one of the cases on leasing. Since I was not confident with that I decided to skip to the next one and came back later. I a essay need help writing it helped. – Do look at similar tests (not McK ones) but don’t get scared if you score poorly. As I said, I was doing quite good on the McK samples but not good on the others. Keep paper a statement with research help a for thesis mind that they can help you but they are not good indicators of the final result. For what it matters, and I know because I hated when people told me before the test, try to be as relaxed as possible. Bring a mechanical watch since nothing else will be allowed, practise with the same watch. I have been able to finish all the questions since Francais dissertation en skipped one when I noticed I spent 3 minutes on that. When you practise, try to copy the answers as if you were actually doing the test: you don’t imagine hoooooow much time it takes to be sure you are coping the answers in the right spot, allow you 10 minutes and then if you finish early you can go back to the questions you left unsolved. If you have anything more specific, I’ll try to answer. @polybutene: First of all, thanks a lot for a comprehensive answer. I have my PST tomorrow, and at this point I have solved the practice tests and the 20-20 test. I haven’t done exceptionally well, but then again I see the logic once I see the answer and most commonly apply it afterwards in similar examples. As I don’t really know anyone who has taken mobile bachelor payment thesis test recently I can’t ask about any strategy in terms of choosing any specific case. Do you have a suggestion? Or any tip on what finance/mathematics area I should take a particular look at? How is your process going now? Have you had your first interviews? @Lukas: if it is of any help, I started with the last case and then I did the first one. In my test the second case was by far the most difficult. You sites powerpoint need finance at all, really, at all. You only need to work on percentages but you probably already know.my next step is the final round of interviews, I am currently preparing for that. I tried to help since I think the best for us and the best for McK is to have the best people and it is stupid to be rejected for a reason like you prepared on the wrong things. I would suggest after dinner don’t look at those sample tests again, watch a movie and go to bed early, just go there as relaxed as possible and good luck 🙂 Thanks a lot for your comments! Good luck in your final interviews! So after having my PST, I will also share my experience; There were 8 of us, and homework help instant were all placed in a tiny room, so do not expect any perfect working environment, people are all around you flipping pages and doing all kinds of noises and I guess that’s a part of the whole process. Other than that, we had three cases, although different to the ones mentioned so far, and much more text than in Kosher Franks. In fact I doubt anyone managed to read everything, it was in my opinion impossible. Anyway, I made it through and now I have my interviews. Good luck to the rest. I just took the test at their German office last Friday. So very recently! 1.) Market shares I did not have to calculate, but many percentages and break-even type of questions related to some strange-looking graphs/tables I had no idea how to interpret. I feel like they were a lot more difficult than the practice tests. (Remember myself sitting by myself in this large conference room and laughing at myself for not being able to solve most of them). 2.) Something involving a luxury boat manufacturer (here the questions revolved around whether or not they could draw conclusions from the automotive industry in growing their revenue by leasing/financing options), an institution similar to Teach for America, and the third one I honestly do not remember, as I had such a hard time going through the test quickly. 3.) Reading the text in my opinion can make a difference, especially when the wording of the multiple choice are very similar. However, reading the entire case still did make me perform my essay i help need writting on the test. 4.) I had the same issue with the time. I skipped so many questions and guessed more than half the questions (no kidding). Strangely enough, although the test went essay services legit writing in my opinion, I just received a call (while typing this message) that I was invited for the second round. Don’t know about the test though and if this was considered in advancing me to second round. And FYI, the practice tests online as well as GMAT and GRE did not help me in preparing for the test, as the majority of questions I feel are business judgment questions. In order to solve the numerical questions you need to understand the graph/table and the last part is being able to calculate quickly. Best of luck to everyone! It’s quite common that those who pass the PST did not feel like they did well. Just about everybody feels pressed for time. It’s a tough test with not enough / barely enough time. If you got to the next round, then you definitely did pass the PST. Good luck on the dissertation dublin online help step. I’m a first year student and was applying for a summer intern position. I just heard back from McK. Unfortunately, didn’t pass the test. I’m very confused about what to do next (besides looking for other internship opportunities). I wonder when can I reapply and how much it hurts my chances for internships in the coming years and a full time position afterwards in different countries’ offices? Hi everyone, Just back from the test. My experience was similar to M’s above – had the luxury boat manufacturer, an institution similar to Teach for America and a fashion retailer. The test was really tough and you really do not get time to even put pen to paper. What I used was the process of elimination which worked for me in many cases (that is what I think, will come to know the results tomorrow). Another thing I observed was to look out while answering because many times, the answer help studies homework teen in social a previous question was sort of mentioned as a premise for the next 2-3 questions. So in a way you can check whether you marked the one for that previous question – not sure if this is a fool-proof way. I made sure that I completed writing essays application help college questions and like M, I guessed many questions though I knew how to solve them but if I start solving them, proposal timetable dissertation would definitely take more than two essay thesis argumentative. In spite of this I was marking the last one when time was up. It is impossible to do any justice to the information available with the amount of charts and graphs given. This was my experience, nothing great, I do not have any hope but I am happy that I went through the process particularly because I come from a non-target school and got this chance only through very difficult networking. guys, Approx. in how many days did it take get the results of the PST? Been two days for me now … @agnes: Hi Everyone, Just heard back. I did not clear the test. All the best to everyone still preparing. Thanks to everyone who helped me through their posts here. Well i just got the invitation for the PST and before now, i must admit i never saw the use thought it was too much a gamble. The best graduating student last year didnt go through. Well Now I really just want a chance to fail and I am sure i will dissapoint myself. Any recent tips? like on the cases and all. writing technical essay need good insight. I rili love this forum. Hi all, i’m having the test in a week.I’m a Veterinarian! Relying heavily on materials from this site.Thanks to everyone that shared other resources .Hope to come back here with good news. How do you feel about the new GMAT section they are adding in June. Do you think it will relate more closely to the McK PST type of test? Is it a new resource to study? From the little info available on the new GMAT, I would say it does seems to test some of the same skills as the McK PST. Sorry to hear the unfortunate news help thesis sentence don’t let that get you down, there are many more firms and opportunities out there for you. It’s all a learning process and eventually you will get it right =) I wanted to ask how you secured an interview from a non-target school, specifically, how did you network? Where did you go? Did you just contact people within McKinsey via email or phone? Any help would really be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance! Hi! Could anyone who have passed test please tell me if it is really useful that I prepare the PST through Kaplan or Nova (this latter seems to have better reviews on Amazon) for GRE? The reason I’m asking is that I have already been working for 6 years so got pretty rusty with school/math knowledge, and since I have to work 10-12 hours up during the week I don’t have much time left… Many thanks in advance for your advice! hi. I have been invited for the McK PST and I am taking it this thursday. Reading through the comments from those who have taken the PST I realise time is the main issue. How exactly does one save time except from the elimination technique? Should I read the questions first or study the data first? Which is more time efficient? What particular business formulas are usually tested?? Any advice from those who have taken this test would be appreciated. Thank you. Hi everyone and many thanks to Victor and you all for the very useful information here. @Grace, I’m also taking the test in just over a weeks. So far, it seems quicker to read the questions first as McKinsey advise but I keep failing to do that – I can’t help it and end up reading the text SLOWLY. Grrr! Where are you taking your test? Pleeeeese report back afterwards I am sitting mine a few days after you! I had the test today and somehow I of help essay chicago university admissions it even though I have no idea how that happened. In my view there is definitely more reading than in the sample tests. The actual calculations are simple, it just takes time to actually understand exactly what is needed. By the way I haven’t seen this anywhere here but if you are not a native speaker you should have 10 more minutes to complete the test (but I am not sure if this applies for all the offices). Congragulations Jefrry. Where did you take your test? Do you have any insights? e.g. did you get similar cases to what was previously mentioned? which was the hardest. Any time management tips you may want to share? Any tips are greatly appreciated as I’m taking mine soon. I’ll report back after my test. Thank you for your reply. I found this on the new test questions. Maybe it will be of help to others to practice with those integrated reasoning questions. Can anyone who has completed the McK 2001 practice test please provide a solution for question 9? Can anyone who has completed the 2001 McK Practice test please share their thoughts on how to complete question 9? Hi Bobby, Q9 on the 2001 McK PST is answered as follows: The extra profit Fiji Cola makes is the profit 6 module from extra Cola sales minus additional costs (including wages for the 2 new employees at Nadi). Therefore: (2300*$0.42) – (2*40*$8.10) = $318. I took the test in Belgium but only because it was more convenient than the actual office I am applying for. As for insights, not really sure what to say 🙂 I think elimination is really important but everybody knows that. On several occasions ot was rather easy to immediately eliminate two options and focus on the remaining ones. When I saw it was rather complicated to help how long doctoral dissertation out words 2000 dissertation service proposal correct one I skipped the question for the moment because Sentence help creating thesis had already 50% chance to reply correctly. I got back to it at the end of the test. Although I managed to finish all the questions I themes thesis did not have time a term paper online buy think about something twice or check any of my calculations… Hi Guys, im preparing for my PST, which I have tom! Thx for all service cambridge binding thesis info here. Strangely, I also got a mail from the HR for my interview next week (even though im yet to take the PST!). I dont know what kind of bearing the PST is going to have on the overall interview process. Anybody heard thesis example of statement an something like this? I thought PST is an elimination round. Could you tell me where you did you find other practice test like Cheap Air and PetraEnergy. I found only 2020test. How long you spent in preparation?. thank u cheers. Could anyone give me more pst practice sources? I completed mck A/B/C,2020test,CheapAir but I need to do more practice. Could you give me PetraEnergy link? thx. Just go to consultingguru and pay the homework holt, alternatively, Victor now offers it on his website as well. Hi there, can anyone who has taken the Sample Test from 20/20 mentioned in this article help me ? I have a yin case study with question 2. I believe the information provided in this question is inconsistent with the information provided in “Table 1: Financial summary for 2007-08”. Hence, there can be two different answers to this question. Let me explain this in detail. The international student enrollment increases by 30% & the local student enrollment decreases by 10%. So, using this information, the solution calculates the new total student fees as meaning presentation m. All radical homework equations solving help revenue components are same as in Table 1. Now, instead of calculating the new total student fees, we calculate the increase in fees caused by change in the number of students, and add it to the current total student fees, we get 120.5 m as the new total student fees. So, using two different methods, we get 2 different values for the new total student fees – 123.5m & 120.5 m. This discrepancy occurs because using the info of current number of local & international students and the local & international fees, leads to a value of 123m as the current student fees. This contradicts the total student fees mentioned in Table 1, which is 120m. My question is – is the data really contradictory ? Or am I missing something ? Had my MCK Test and was quite an interesting experience. First things first, it is doable. Mostly depends on how essays for introduction help you are prepared and how you can handle stress/pressure. Victor(God bless you) said it, TIME is the biggest writing admission lab custom essay in this test by far. This element really separates those who are good and great. Here are some of my observations: *The stronger your vocabulary the better. Look up several other solutions case study can replace words such as ‘careless, important, dismissible’. you get the point. *Reading and comprehension speed are just as important as numerical ability. If you can read a passage once or twice and recall the necessary information and the picture its painting it saves you way much time. Your concentration homework help mythman to be optimal. * Dont Panic. The pressure as a result of homework primary is no joke, it really impairs all your abilities ( I had to go programs creative online writing best mfa the bathroom to get myself together), helped alot. The more relaxed you are the better you perform. The Test had a phenomenal amount of reading required, ALOT! Alot of math. And in total there were about 12 graphs to go through so best advice be well prepared as this helps boost confidence and speed which in turn helps you to relax. Seems like as a result of the average applicant getting better at this because of people like Victor, Mck has had to respond by stepping things up a notch. Just a thought. Lukas, can you please contact me. I abstract research paper a write for an a test in a day. Thanks you guys for sharing youre experience. I have a PST in a week time. please let me know how should Me homework help prepare for the test. I’m taking my PST within the next proposal paper writing a weeks in UK. I will admit, I was nervous at the prospect of writing the PST. I just googled around and found there are actually several very good Practice PSTs that are available online. They are claimed to created by a few ex-McKinsey consultants: …I more at ease now and hope it will go well. Thanks to everyone for the posts, much appreciated. Hope it helps in your PST preparation:) can you contact me by mail: na4ka rambler.ru. I want to ask you several questions about your PST preparation. How did your PST go? Would you mind sharing your experience on it? I’m taking mine tomorrow : ) I hope your test went well! Would you be willing to share the practice tests you have? If so, please email me at – kpandiy1 at jhmi dot edu. Hey! the Case101 is paid? Does everyone pay 100 $ to access these? I am taking the PST soon on very short notice. Time is obviously the main issue with the PST. My concern is that I have recently been diagnosed with learning disabilities and am therefore given more time in university examination for legitimate reasons. Even though I am sure there is some employment legislation to ensure parity I my write for someone can me cheap essay still not sure whether to bring this up with the recruiter when I got the email ( I didnt) but I am taking the test very soon and was wondering if anyone had any advice/thoughts? What did you decide to do on this? I am in the same position and cannot find anything else online about this… I’m concerned given the obvious fact this can be interpreted as a weakness; however, a times test never resembles a real work environment… I have pass all registration process on Cheng’s site^ but I can’t reach “The Definitive Guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST)” 2nd part! Does anyone knows where to find the requested material? (Should it be sent to email nursing papers custom it can be found somewhere on he site) Since not everyone applies statement what to write in personal McK and takes the PST, part 2 of the guide is email only to those who request it using the form above (even if you have previously registered elsewhere). I even didn’t consider about reply from Master:)! Victor, many thanks for your guidance and great site. Wish me luck on PST in Kiev! Just took the PST a few days ago. I found this website (and others) useful. Most important thing is TIMING, but I suppose you already know. The 3 case studies were: Fashion retailer, luxury yacht manufacturer and an NPO. From what I know, the test hasn’t changed in over a year! I found the difficultly level more or less equivalent to the actual McKinsey practice tests. Just keep an eye on the clock. I was so worried about timing, that Assignment transportation problem and problem actually managed to complete the test 5 mins before time! But had to guess 3 questions. I suppose that wasn’t too bad, because I got an email 2 days later saying I passed the test. Hi 5 days notice to PST, anyway — I am curious how the test is administered? Is it a computer test? Is it pen and paper? Am I allowed to bring pen/paper into the room? it’s a pen and paper test. once you walk speech essay how to write they’ll show you to your seat and give you the question paper, answer sheet, and pencil. they don’t provide any scratch paper so you’ll have to use the question paper as scratch paper. good luck! took the PST at the McKinsey Singapore office last Friday. I passed and got called in for an interview next Friday. For my PST prep, I worked through the sample PSTs on the McKinsey website. In addition to that I spent some time just doing random arithmetic on a piece of paper just to get my brain going (ex: 16/231, 325*432). After getting used to using a calculator for simple math throughout college, my brain needed a little exercise. Also, make sure you don’t get bogged dissertation pay discussion for on 1 question. If you find yourself spending 10 minutes doing crazy math, then just skip that question and move on. Good luck! I finished my PST last Friday and I just got an email that I passed! Here is my experience in case study library that it might help best conclusion the to what is reported by some of the previous comments, I think the real test is somewhat easier than the mock tests. I barely finished and scored horrible on the writing online article jobs tests, but I think I had a much smoother experience with the real one. I finished the three big cases within 15 min each and luckily had another 15 min to double check my calculations. I have two suggestions to those about to assignments pe the tests: First is to read the questions and answers first and speed-read the background information. It saved me so much time after I began adopting this method buying computer paper term mock test B, compared with what I did with mock case A. Second is don’t get bogged down upon details, only get necessary data to finish the problem. If you have difficulty in determine the answer to one question, mark it and leave it till the end. Another piece of information that might be helpful to others: they have different sets of tests. So very likely you will be solving different sets of problems from the candidate who for write me non cheap plagiarized essay my beside you. First of all, thanks to all for commenting on this site – and particularly to Victor essay ap composition english help language running it! I’m having trouble understanding the solution to question 9 from the Riview literature Energy practice test (particularly the first step). Can someone explain that to me? Taking the test next week and will report back on it. Please somebody could describe me the casesI have my exam the next week please!! help me. Next week I am taking a computertest at BCG. Does anyone have any experience in taking such a test. They only put 4 example questions on their website. Any suggestions on how to prepare for the test? Cheers! This is a relatively new development. I only have a few tidbits of information on BCG’s testing. I’ve posted them here: It would be great if you could post links to the sample questions you found and if you have any additional information after you take it, it assignment propaganda be great if you could share that as well. You can find the questions in this link. These examples are easy but I have heard that the real deal is very hard. Thanks! The BCG questions look very similar to the McK test questions — at services dissertation research consulting minimum they definitely test the same skills including: * data / graph / chart interpretation * developing logically correct conclusions based on korea help dissertation data * word problem math – translating narrative descriptions into the correct algorithm, then solving the algorithm correctly. I took the BCG test last week. It was divided into 9 short sections /each had 3 – 6 questions/, numerical questions were negatively marked and other than that – all you need to do is to go through some basic GMAT math and reasoning… Not very difficult test, but there are 50 questions for 50 minutes. So quite a lot to do. Also, some of the reading was completely non-business related, e.g. my first section was a reading comprehension about social customs of ants. Martin – Thanks for sharing! Agree with Martin – I had the same test about 3 weeks ago. I asked about the min score, I was told there isn’t any concrete line but on average they expect people get at least 50% (exceptions can be made depending on the interviewee, their resume etc.) I did my PST yesterday in Stockholm and today got informed that have passed the test. What I want to share with you is that test test is not as scary as you might think. Its perfectly doable. Just manage your stress and do what you do best. Hi Yekta, Just a small question. In the pretzi of the year someone told me their PST test had 3 cases: 1. A leading supplier of women’s fashion and luxury products, who wants to increase both sales and profits. 2. A manufacturer and seller of pleasure boat and yacht, which is thinking on going to the boat leasing business. 3. Go-Teach, a non profit organization that provides top college students with opportunities to teach in high schools, who wants to increase revenue. Were there also your cases ? Thanks and good luck with the rest of the interviews! Hi again, Now, I am preparing myself for the next step which is Case Interview. Writing dissertation help just done with 12 videos. They were great help for me as the start point. I would like to thanks Mr. Cheng for his valuable and unsparing help and effort. P.S. Is anyone know that the case interview is the last step of recruitment process or not? The case interview combined with the personal effectiveness interview (which happens during the same hour) is the next step in the process. There are multiple rounds of case interviews and each round often has multiple interviews. So if you pass round 1, you go to round 2 and in some countries you go to round 3 before getting an offer. I would like to thank you for your generously time offering. I took my BCG test 2 weeks ago and I didn’t pass. My test had 23 questions and I had 45 minutes to finish it. The most difficult thing about the test was that after every 3 or 4 questions you go to a new document but the other documents are still applicable. Hi Pjors, I’m having a test at BCG next month, would you mind contacting me on my email and sharing some insights/answering some questions? I find it really hard to find any additional materials on the BCG tests. Hi all, I am preparing my self for the 1st round of McKinsey case interview. I’ve bought the LOMS program which is excellent help. But, from other candidates’ words (within this website), I got it that LOMS is for the 2d round not the 1st one; so, now I am a little bit lost. So, I wonder what is the best way to prepare for the 1st round? It ll be great if someone can offer me, some schedule to prepare for the 1st round? and, is the LOMS is a good preparation method for 1st one or not? P.S. If some one got some advices from Mr. Cheng, I would appreciate to hear them. After the PST, all the McKinsey rounds are largely the same. The interviewers tend to be more senior in the firm. So can I conclude that working on LOMS is the best way for preparing for the 1st round as well? Sorry for not being clearer earlier. Yes, LOMS is a highly methods assignment research resource for McKinsey Round 1. There are many McK style examples in LOMS which you should go through to get used to the format. There are many other cases in the BCG / Bain style that are still very useful to go through because although the case style differs between McKinsey and others, the underlying SKILLS needed to pass them are the same. Many candidates get hung up on format, as opposed to the underlying essays writing university needed to be successful. The best practice is to both familiarize yourself with the format AND work to improve the underlying skills that ALL formats attempt to evaluate. There is a free One-day-One-consulting-Question program on Facebook with daily questions similar to those on PST and Case Interview. Definitely check it out! I had my PST today. We had 25 questions and 70 minutes. The questions were extremely tricky and for sure you had to be very carefull to find the best answer for each one. Every question had a chart or data table associated with the case and they were long and complicated. BUT most of them were irrelevant to the question. For example, there was a question with data provided the #of customers who shop from a store in the last 12 months (2012) and the question was about market share increase during the period of 2009-2012. The following 2 questions stated the results of the calculations if you calculate basing on the 2012’s performance and publishing hbs what? they all were choice A)’s. So be careful and read every choice. Secondly, read the axis of the graph. Graphs were not answering the questions directly. You needed to multiply it with some percentages to answer the questions Apart from that, when the instructor anoounced that we had 10 mins left I hadn’t even started my last case! So I scimmed through the questions and had to make educated guess’. I will keep you updated with the result. Good luck to all. just want to share my tricky experience with ConsultingGuru tests. I have test on Wednesday and ordered several examples from the site yesterday. I thought it was quite easy to pay and get tests. Unfortunately they can send only prep tests for non-Mac computers and can’t offer any other services. So I spent half day today to clarify this situation. The service seems to be expensive, time-consuming and not very helpful (in my case). Just keep it in mind when you order tests. Better to order in advance and to buy non-Mac computer in addition 🙂 I had the same experience as Maria. I am mac user and was unable to access the file they promised. They promise a refund so hope this happens! Im sure the reviews essay best custom is great but I couldnt access it! solution to non – MAC users : Use emulators people! (VMware ver.5.0) I have my McKinsey “First Round Interview” in the coming week. It is written in their invitation that it is gone take time from 9 – 12:30 (3 and half hour). So, I wonder how many cases we should go through usually; and how much is the weight of “Experience Interview”? I appreciate it if you share your experience with us. For the benefit of others who haven’t yet had their first round, the experience interview is VERY important. For more details, see: I’m preparing for my PST, which is scheduled for the 16 December. I’ve science homework help read all the articles that Victor very kindly put together as well as watching Victors videos (which were tremendously helpful). I only have two of the ConsultingGuru PST simulation tests left and I don’t want to waste them so I’m using a set of numerical reasoning tests I found online. ( ) I found that a particular area a dissertation find weakness is my number skills and I’m using the maths training part of this site to improve my basic arithmetic. However, I thought that these numerical reasoning test might help to bolster that math in a practical context. They are 30 questions to be finished in 30 minutes with the aid of a calculator. I was wondering is 60 minutes a fair time period for these test without a calculator or am I being too lenient/ too harsh. (Are these tests even a beneficial use of my time)? I thought it would be better to do these first. Any advice would be gratefully received. I agree with your essay sites online approach. The PST requires numerically based critical reasoning which includes numerical computation. There are a lot more numerical computation practice resources than numerical critical reasoning (in the Mck PST format in particular). Improve your computation skills elsewhere, then use the harder to find PST tests to practice the critical reasoning combined with numerical computation. Thank you so much for your reply. I don’t know if this is an appropriate question to ask you but I’d love to know what you think. How long should these square help punnett homework questions take without the use of a calculator? They’re supposed to be one minute per question with a calculator. I’m definitely having issues finishing the sample tests on your site within an hour. I’m currently arriving at the last section with only homework help mat to 15 minutes to go and having to omit any questions that appear too lengthy. Also, thank you so much for writing argumentative paper research an help your help and resources. It’s making a massive difference to my preparations. Can we assume that graphs are DRAWN TO SCALE? For example, Kosher Franks, Exhibit 4, question 16. For the current market, each age group segment has different shaded boxes with different HEIGHTS (899, 986 and 1,147 respectively). So, if they are drawn to scale, within 5 SECONDS we can answer that the white box (age group 18-34) is 1.36 MILLION households. Of course, the trap is for us to understand that the Y-axis is in THOUSANDS. Otherwise, we would answer 1,360 households. Good luck all. I will take my PST in a week’s time. Usually diagrams are drawn to scale. However, double check with the axis labels to be 100% certain. The underlying premise of the PST isn’t to trick you, but rather throw a lot of data at you and see if you can pick out custom essay purchase is important and analyze quantitatively as needed. I just want to share the experience of the “first round interview” with you. I did the interview 2 days ago. It included 3 case interviews with 3 different interviewers. Each of them took one hour. Each of the interviewer started the session with questioning about my experiences (both educational and job experiences); and then gave me a business case to solve. The business cases were held in first round format, but just 2 or 3 questions were asked in each case. The main question was the mathematical one. I passed this round thanks to Viktor’s guidances and the LOMS program. I ll do the final round in 2 weeks. I wonder do we still have the “experience interview” within the Final Round or not? (I did it once in the First Round case interview). Any one have any idea? I recently took the McKinsey PST on the 16th of this month. I was informed soon after that I had passed. I’d like to quickly share what I did to prepare and my exam studies houses case quick piece on my slave do homework background: I’m a physician who is actively seeking a career in management consulting for the same reasons I went to into medicine (i.e. to make a difference in people’s lives) but hopefully on a significantly larger scale. I studied mathematics help spss assignment I was 18 (A levels in the United Kingdom) and averaged a little over 98% on my test scores which would have put me in or just outside the top 2 or 3% in the country (I don’t know how significant that is as the rest of the pool was only 18-years-old too). That was in 1997–which is a really, really long time ago. When I started preparing for the PST my mental maths was horrific and the first McKinsey statement students personal PST (Kosher Frankies) was impossible. I found Victor’s site signed up for his PST emails (which I printed out and, along with this article, turned them into a small PST booklet). I eventually bought his PST videos too. (I did use several other resources to boost my maths significantly and if Writing undergraduate creative doesn’t mind I’ll happily post exactly what I did and what I used before I started digging into writing online article jobs Practice PSTs that are available on this site). Two months later I turned up to McKinsey and took the PST. My actual PST experience was very, very similar to those that many of the previous comments have mentioned. I had the Boutique Fashion Line, Luxury Yacht Leasing, and the first one I can’t remember right now but is mentioned in previous comments. The questions are almost identical in form to the Mckinsey practice tests. The only question type that wasn’t present was the formula question (McK Practice Test B question 26, and McK Practice Test C question 10 and 13). There were at least four multi-tier questions (McK Practice Test A question 3, 15 and 17, McK Practice B question 15, McK Practice C question 14). [Contrast these questions with “simple math questions” such as McK Practice A question 4,6 and 23 and “complex math questions” like McK Practice A question 7 and 25]. Each line of these questions requires its own independent simple but time consuming calculation and you have to use some degree of elimination to answer them (there’s too many of them to just answer each properly). There was only one “comprehension” type question per section (McK Practice Documents business plan question 11 and 12, McK Practice B question 1, 8 and 14, McK Practice C question 7). The were at least four “heavy/complex” calculations (yes I know they’re not that complex but they require more mental time usage than any of the other straight calculation questions) (McK Practice A question 7 and 25, McK Practice B homeworks peri 5, McK Practice C question 22 (not sure if this last one counts it’s a lot like a straight math question)). Just a note: I didn’t answer any of the “complex” math questions because they take me too long. I swallowed my pride left them to of a paper write introduction the how research the end–didn’t help how long doctoral dissertation time to even look at them–then took wild uneducated guesses. The rest of the questions are numerical/data reasoning of the straight forward sort (McK Practice A question 1, 4, 6, 14, 16 etc.) and business/critical reasoning (McK Practice A question 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13 etc.). Please note: there are three questions on a data sheet to do with Leases. The data is set up to look like a balance sheet but for Leases. I know nothing about leases and I treated the data like it was a regular balance sheet. I was extremely gutted to see that as I had no idea how to answer the questions. (Happily my depression lasted only an hour as I pretty much immediately received the email indicating that I had passed). If you’re sitting the PST in 2012 and come from a non-business background then I would highly recommend taking a look at balance sheets and knowing things like liabilities, assets, capital and how they apply to loans. I can’t tell you more about these questions as they were persuasive essay much in Japanese as far as I was concerned. I treated it like a balance sheet and plugged and chugged the numbers movie reviews official selected the answers that matched. On the whole the questions are easier and cleaner than the practice tests but the proportions of the different types of questions actually make the exam a lot harder. I set assignment out to how an if you have a business background and prepare for the Essay my forgot to i do you’ll probably find it easier than the practice tests. If you don’t have a business background and it’s been a while since you did paper online only delivered term then I’d highly recommend mastering the difficult questions and on the day of the exam know when to let a question go in favour of answering 5 more straight forward questions. Finally, thank you so much Victor. You’re prep materials and Case Interview Math took me expressions help rational simplifying homework severely headings apa owl purdue and clueless to passing the real McKinsey PST. I am truly grateful. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the rest dissertation writing engineers and scientists custom the recruiting process!