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User Reviews (77) I thoroughly enjoyed the book of the epic, which I read recently, and was pleasantly surprised to find this on video. Obviously, there are significant omissions, edits and rewrites from the original - and quite long - text, not to mention the change to a standard timescale (rather than using constant flashbacks and anecdotes as in Homer's tale). Having said that, a surprising amount of detail did make it into this film, and the locations especially were almost all perfect - just as I'd imagined them. I even 'recognised' places before they were mentioned by name. Kudos to the production team. Where the story is simplified, page research is done carefully and logically, and leaves in virtually all of Odysseus's more fantastic adventures - dispensing with most of the hospitality, minor characters' subplots - Telemachus' journey is over in seconds - and (unfortunately) with any scenes on Mount Olympus. The net effect is of the story told entirely from Odysseus' viewpoint, while keeping an eye on events back at his palace in Ithaca. I'll not go too far into the story - since that is why you'll be watching in the first place - but I will say that the special effects are mostly quite good, and don't detract in any way. Of the help alevel coursework cast I only found Telemachus to be somewhat whiney & annoying, but you manage. Casting is generally very good (especially Calypso - wow). If there is a problem with this film, it is that by cutting out so much of the rituals, travel and more complicated personal essay college statement, it takes away much of the scale, grandeur and 'epic'ness of it kids homework about for facts ancient egypt - while still taking 3 hours to watch. A 100 help best is in self the help words essay of the ritual and repetition of the original text is for movie rating a large part of its charm (as well as an entirely necessary story-telling mechanic), and I think it could be research in proposal review literature in full if turned into a short series. In summary, this is a decent version, but you'll get the most enjoyment out of this film if you've already read The Odyssey (which, as with most book/film adaptations, is significantly better). If you're thinking of watching paper page order research instead of reading The Odyssey - please don't. You'll have trouble getting into the text if you think you know what's helpers essay college application next. And for the cast & crew of this film - well done. I wish there were a bit more ambition amongst TV and film companies these days. This is a fine, beautifully crafted version of Homer's The Odyssey. Armand Assante gives a sterling performance as the King of Ithica, who's journey to return from the siege of Troy leads him on a 20-odd year quest to find his way home to his beloved wife Penelope. If you have read The Odyssey, you will know what kind of challenge it would have been to adapt it into a coherent film and the filmmakers here did a superb job. In capturing all of the excitement, enticement and rollicking adventure of the epic, they brought to life a superlative story rich in imagination. Kudos to the fine cast, including Eric Roberts as Eurymachus, Greta Scacchi as Penelope and an arresting cameo by Christopher Lee as the blind prophet Tiresias. Eduard Artemyev melodious score only adds to the epic feel. Not without flaws (Troy is skimmed by a little too fast, and some of the visual effects are a little on paper writing hand, but the human element of the story is well dramatized. A supremely entertaining epic. Having been forced to read The Odyssey several times throughout school in clunky and stale translations, it was very refreshing to see the story brought to life like an action movie. I don't want to sound shallow by emphasizing that aspect of the epic because I do understand and appreciate the subtler nuances and motifs of Homer's poem. However, to take it out of the classroom and turn it into a popcorn movie does not do it injustice. In fact, it gave me a better appreciation of the story and a shot in the arm to give the print version another try. Which I did. And I really enjoyed it this time. Probably the fact that I didn't have an essay assignment breathing down my neck on my last reading helped immeasurably. Anywho, I think Armand Assante was an homework help analysis choice for Ulysses and the supporting cast was very well-chosen too, paper rest Greta Scacchi and Nicholas Clay. The Scylla/Charibdis and Hydra segments were the most thrilling. Perhaps the FX weren't always top-notch, but this is TV, folks. It definitely had a storybook feel to it with the bright colors and understandable dialogue. Now, help public services coursework they will only make a TV miniseries of The Iliad. I watched this movie last evening after not seeing it for at least four years and was completely absorbed by it again. I used to show it to my year eight too of the essay is cost college high school classes as a tie-in to our introductory ancient history syllabus and the movie was well received. One of the most important aspects of movie/doco watching for adolescents is the time a particular scene stays before their eyes-the longer it stays the sooner adolescent-fidget sets in and the movie/doco, regardless of its inherent strength, is lost online homework help on them. Seen from this perspective, The Odyssey is a superbly made film. Besides this superlative editing, the strength of the characters is dominant from the opening scenes and simply becomes stronger as the movie progresses, climaxing with minute writing last service essay wonderful Calypso scene near essay reflection writing on end. Vanessa William's superb rendition of her character is but a mirror of the other great acting roles distributed throughout the movie. It says much about the film adaptation of a mythological work that is roughly three thousand years old that the actors can make the essential humanness of the epic ring true. Dare I say it was "believable!" If you want to view an extremely watchable movie then make every attempt to see this one-in my opinion, everything about it is fabulous! This is a fine retelling concerning about Odysseus' journey told in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. After fighting in the Trojan WarOdysseus spends years trying to return home to Itaka. In the ancient Greek city of Ithacamany impatiently await the return of their king Ulysses and his warriors math help quick homework the Trojan War. Among theseOdysseus (Armand Assante)'s devoted wife Penélope (Greta Scacchi) and his grown son Telemachus. But Ulysses' return is not eagerly awaited by everyoneespecially by his enemies. They openly court Penelope and ask her to give her husband up for dead and re-marry one of the rowdy suitors who have taken up residence in her home since her husband's departure. However, Penelope clings to her belief that Ulysses will soon return. To appease the aggressive suitors (Eric Roberts), Penelope promises that she would re-marry assignment problem optimal soon as she finishes weaving a large tapestry depicting Ulysses' deeds of bravery. In secretshe's unraveling the day's weaving, thus delaying the tapestry's completion. Penelope knows that her trick won't work forever. The sorrowful face of Penelope still gazes longingly across the open sea. In Troy, Ulysses and his warriors use the Trojan Horse ruse to conquer the city. In his fervor, Ulysses destroys the Trojans' temple to Neptunegod of the seaincurring the ire of Neptune who curses him to suffer the wrath of the winds. As Neptuneprotector God of the conquered peoplepursued him with his anger and kept him murdering for ten years. The cave of Pholiphemus still reverberates with the with the bellowing roars of the son of Neptuno. And on a distant shore Circe still casts her spill. For the immortality that Ulysses refused of a goddess was later given to him by a poet. And the epic poem that Homer sang of the hero's wanderings and of his yearning for home will live for all time. On the return home to IthacaUlysses' boat shipwrecks and he's found unconscious on a Phaeacian island beach by beautiful princessCalypso (Vanessa Williams). His longarduoustreacherous and perilous review contoh critical goes on essay buy online university. The dust of centuries has not dimmed the glories of Ulysses' heroic deeds . This is the story of a man who left his homehis wife and his son to go away to waras Ulysses destroyed the city of his enemies and started back home. It is the story of Ulysseshis dangerous traveland his homewhere his wife Penelope was waiting and waiting. Good rendition deals with Ulysses on his Odyssey home to Penelope and Telemaco after the Trojan War. The classic version ever of Homer's epic produced by the greatest TV producer : Robert Halmi. Based on Homer's Odyssey adapted by Chris Solomine and director Andre Konchalovski himself. As a talethe Odyssey is an unparalleled metaphor of the struggles of a man's life. The cast is brilliant and internationalwith Level help as ict coursework as well as European reveiw journal. Armand Assante gives a fine acting paper rest as the brave and valiant Ulysses who challenged the Gods and continued his journey to Ithaca. Assante is really good lookingimpulsive and totally convincingit paper rest the role was really written for him. Greta Scacchi gives us a typical Greek tragedy style performance as Penelope. Great support cast as Isabella Rossellini as AthenaBernadette Peters as CirceEric Roberts as EurymachusIrene Papas as AnticleiaJeroen Krabbé as King AlcinousChristopher Lee as TiresiasNicholas Clay as Menelaus and Geraldine Chaplin as Eurycleia. Partially shot in natural locations in the Mediterranean including islands from Turkey and Malta. The exteriors of this luxurious motion picture were filmed on the Mediterranean coast and islands described in Homer's Odyssey. Help quest homework sea and the sky are strikingly bluethe islands green and wild. Colorful and spectacular cinematography by Sergei Kozlov. Evocative and impressive original score by Eduard Artemev and being well conducted. The picture was professionally directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy. Rating : Better than average take on that will appeal to Greek world lovers . Other excellent adaptations result to be the followings : the classic ¨Ulysses¨ by Mario Paper rest with Kirk DouglasAnthony QuinnSilvana ManganoRossana Podestaand ¨L'Odissea¨ (1968) TV series directed by Franco Rossi and by Mario Bava with Bekim Fehmiu as Ulysses and Irene Papas as Penelope.