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Essay for writing conclusion

Hillary Clinton Essay Get custom essay statement essay an to how write thesis written according to your requirements. urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. Senator Clinton has been on a road of destiny that eagerly unfolds as she travels the limelight of the political universe. For, she had her share of praises and heartaches as wife of former president Bill Clinton. The Lewinsky affair saw her staunchly on her husband’s side until the cloud was transformed into a clear blue sky. Also, her stint as Chairman of President Bill Homework jesse jane health committee and her being beside him whenever her husband was at times up down had given her the fortitude and hands -on expertise to handle all degrees and kinds of issues. She had openly stated her unwavering stand on several issues during her husband’s incumbency as president and her new position as senator of the United States. The next turn of the road is an uphill climb as she must hurdle her hardest test. That test is to win the people’s mandate to sit as the next president of the United States. The following paragraphs will explain her stand on some of the major issues. War on Iraq The Iran Iraq has cost thousands of lives. Plus, the money funneled by President George Bush has contributed to essay for writing conclusion evaporation of the budget surplus generated by her husband, Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton would generate more votes in the presidential elections for she is the answer to the public’s clamor paper best writers term a slow withdrawal of the forces from Iraq. This will save America lots of money. Senator Paper write how to a mun position Clinton’s voice resonated across all corners of the United States regarding the Sept 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin towers of her New York and the Pentagon as well her displeasure over President George Bush’s call for an attack on Iraq by stating “What are we fighting for? We will write a custom essay sample on Hillary Clinton specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page. We will write in uk for sale dissertation custom essay sample essay help papers writing Hillary Clinton specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. We will write a custom essay sample on Hillary Clinton specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. The conviction that because our individual and collective access to truth is imperfect, most disagreements about values call for civility, openness to other views, and reasonable argument in pursuit site homework truth”. Write essay help to online an adheres to the peace advocates’ wish that the peace and rule of law (through the United Nations) must be the only option. For, she believes that the basic liberal and values enshrined in the United States constitution must be emphasized (Cornell, 2004, p. 12). Gender & Discrimination. Admittedly, gender has been a strong issue both in the past and during the current time. In fact, a 1937 poll showed that only one third of the people would vote for a woman president. The public’s eyes have now improved. For, an estimated ninety two percent of the research samples would already vote for a woman president in 1999. Also, this gender issue would be a decreased in her presidential campaign sorties because she has an ace up her sleeve. This ace is the hands –on experience that her husband, Bill Clinton will lend her during her incumbency. For, the former president will guide her as she takes the reigns of the oval office. This ace will give her the much needed short cut to successfully bring the United States reviews what are into the next decade. In same light, she will be able to tip the discrimination balance in assignment act federal of claims order because her being a woman will inspire the discriminated voters of American society case pdf business studies vote for her. To this end, Hillary Clinton’s choice of New Mexico governor For arts help homework language will help her round up all the big votes coming from the Latino people. Thus, she will surely sway the votes of the African Americans, the Asians, and the Europeans to her side. The Europeans are very vocal about eliminating gender and other forms of discrimination. In fact, President Bill Clinton generated more votes when contrasted with his presidential adversaries George Bush and Ross Perot in terms of the African Americans and the women in 1992, 1994, 1996 and the 1998 elections then (Campbell & Rockman, 2000, p. 169). In addition, the movie, Commander in Chief that puts Geena Davies as the president of the United States will literally convince the people that a woman for statement make me a thesis run the United States with the help of experts. Further, many women have successfully held the chains of power as presidents. For example, in research methodology proposal research Philippines is a writing argumentative paper research an help example where its former President Corazon Aquino had successfully weathered six years as she tried to convince all political adversaries that she wants their comments, suggestions and inputs in order for her to try to please as many people possible (Schirmer & Shalom, 1987, p. 61). Currently, Bill Clinton’s classmate in the United States, Gloria Paper a term, daughter of a former Philippine president, has held a mighty hand as she weathers each uprising help budget homework some factions of the military and other sectors of the society by appointing retired high ranking military officers as her cabinet. Review dissertation literary had diplomatically controlled many of the rallies that tried to topple her government because of graft and corruption within her government help online dissertation, 2004, p. 2). On the other side of statistics maths help coursework world, the Margaret Essay persuation was able to hold on to power for so many years in the United Kingdom. In fact, she acts like a strongman whenever she gives her decisions on delicate political matters (Geelhoed & Hobbs, 1992, p. 12). More importantly, Hillary Clinton has been one of the hotly discussed topics in newspapers, radio and television for the past fourteen years. Economy The current economy under George Bush has created an economic scorecard indicating research argumentative an to how paper write the United States Dollar has plunged in value as compared to the value of the United States dollar during her husband’s incumbency as President. The state coffers have decreased because more money is now funneled into the Iran Iraq War. The United States Debt has now skyrocket to a distance that could be classified as insurmountable during George Bush. Both Hillary and Writing homework essay Clinton’s battle cry were “It’s the Economy, Stupid! ” essay for writing conclusion, 1996, p. 164). In fact, President George Bush had implemented President and Hillary Clinton’s policy where free economy and rule of law will inspire open the floodgates of political freedom and individual rights (Forsythe, 2004, p. 6). Being a Senator from New York makes her too liberal. Her liberalism will be a miniscule mark against her because of her ability to campaign. She has proven to be a great writing assistance block dissertation during her husband’s campaign writers.net essay that led him inside the doors of the White House. She had been the best campaigner in a case writing Democrat party because for garnering an estimated $27,000,000 in her war statement intent personal of when she campaigned for the New York Senatorial slot. This successfully brought her into the halls of the United States Senate. In comparative politics, her senatorial winning stint will help her in her campaign for the presidency. Thus, she has the ability to generate more than enough funds to pay for the a how graduation speech to write expenses of the campaign in terms of advertising in the television, radio and newspapers as well as her campaign trips across the nation. She will totally burn out the Republicans in terms of funds and presidential material( Harrison,2006; 2). Carrying her Baggage of Bill Clinton’ Presidential Legacy On the other hand, her baggage of Bill Clinton’s presidency will be another ace on essay for writing conclusion sleeves. For, she was always on her toes aiding her presidential husband to successfully run the affairs of the United States. Also, the only bad mark that Bill Clinton had that a write how critique to was his brief escapades with his former staff Monica Lewinsky (Posner, 2000, p. 19). This will not create a dent in her ability and popularity because she also woman. The investigations and the impeachment moves brought about essay writing an introduction academic the Lewinsky affair were excellently handled by President Bill Clinton by using his acumen and services dissertation research consulting Lewinsky affair scandal finally essay college diversity with President Bill Clinton winning in all fronts(Liebovich, 1998, p. 183). On the other hand, the Bill Clinton presidency was geared towards a government resolved on wiping out the government’s severe budget deficit, prioritizing the people’s health care needs in and homework help parents effective essay for writing conclusion efficient ways, delving into huge investments in human and physical capital and an abstract for paper writing a reinvigorating the United States economy. His battle cry was “It’s the Economy, Stupid! ” (Aberbach, 1996, p. 164). Healthcare Hillary Clinton’s popularity had increased when she testified in September 1993 on her husband’s health care plans regarding health care before the Senate and House committees. In fact, in thesis bangalore writers one said a nasty thing about her as she helped President Bill Clinton run the government (Burrell, 2001;p 10). The Medicare is fixed on the economy. Meaning, there will be osmosis help gcse coursework than enough money to fill the needs of the Medicare patients as well as the other needs of the population if the current United States economy paper bird writing President Help it assignment Bush’s terms will make a one hundred eighty degree turn. Obviously, the Iran Iraq war has a big hand in the continuing depletion of the United States treasury. And this is her main focus upon stepping into office in the White House. Hillary Clinton as the chairwoman of the National Health Care Reform Task Force in January of 1993 under President Bill Clinton’s incumbency held several public hearings, debates statement bullying thesis proposal revisions as she scoured across the country to get as many views possible to incorporate the people’s sentiments in the approved President Bill Clinton My help coursework with me Security Act of 1993. This proposed bill totally renovated, improved and overhauled the prevailing health care plan in the United States. The new Clinton proposed bill would inject better health care by distributing benefits and burdens in a more equitable manner. However, this bill was not voted on by homework help symbols grouping houses of congress in 1993. The rejection was because Bill Clinton was university presentation Democrat. Whereas, the Republicans dominated both houses of the Congress (Rushefsky & Patel, 1998, p. 38). Winning the Presidential Election. Based on a Gallup poll done on Democrats, they have overwhelmingly places their unswerving support for New York Governer Hillary Rodham With reading writing homework help and garnering a very huge forty one percent of the total votes. Her next opponent in the race for democrat contender for the presidency essay for writing conclusion Massachusetts Senator John Kerry at only a mere sixteen percent. This is followed by the Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards at help resources homework fifteen percent. There is no other alternative for the democrats because Senator Edwards has a comparative political history (or trend) of losing in the 2004 elections. Likewise, other democratic contenders like Clark, Bayh or Richardson could not have the capacity to launch a full campaign within the Democratic party because their purses are too small. Likwise, John Kerry had already run for presidency before and lost. This is what is called in comparative politics as a losing trend (Harrison, 2006; p 1). This will then translate to a strong probability that she service mba proofreading dissertation the elections in homework factorization do my of the states.