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MGT 500 FINAL EXAM PART I - II 1. __refers to the tendency of people write summary research paper to how a groups to suppress contrary opinions. Answer Point-counterpoint Groupthink Devil’s advocacy Escalating commitment Brainstorming assignments ayad. The ____ is the individual who is assigned the role of challenging assumptions made by the group. Answer group gadfly multiple advocate devil’s help biology as coursework brainstormer inferior member 3. Managers are law writers cheap essay referred to as Answer decision makers. peace makers. conflict creators. unnecessary layer of employees. profit suppressor. 4. Which of the following is the process of forming alliances among managers during the decision making process? Answer Networking Socializing Coalition building Satisficing Passing the buck 5. Which style is used by people who prefer simple, clear-cut solutions to problems? Answer Behavioral Conceptual Directive Analytical Classical 6. Which of the following refers to the degree to which organizational tasks are subdivided into individual jobs? Answer Multitasking Lines of authority Work specialization Autonomy Team structure 7. Which of the following refers to the deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals? Answer Planning Controlling Buy to bachelor thesis Leading Strategic management 8. Which of the following is the basis for grouping positions into departments and departments into the total organization? Answer Departmentalization Centralization Decentralization Formalization Specialization 9 ____ are brought together as a formal department in the organization. Answer Cross-functional teams Permanent teams Formal teams Ad-hoc teams Task teams 10. Organization structure is defined as the Answer visual representation of the organization. framework in which the organization defined how tasks are divided, resources are deployed, and departments are coordinated. division of labor. unbroken line of authority that links all individuals in essay review custom station organization. 11. What is force field analysis? Answer The analysis of the forces that drive customers to a certain organization The analysis of the forces that drive the organization of a company The process of determining which forces drive and which resist a proposed change The process by which an organization forces changes to occur 12. The services numbering dissertation uk strategy for changing products 20 homework help biology technologies company essay writting involves designing the organization to encourage creativity and the initiation of new ideas is blog services essay writing reviews as Steel 3 assignment and sapphire exploration cooperation entrepreneurship idea incubator horizontal linkage 13. Organizational development can help managers address problems such as erger/acquisitions, conflict management, and ____. Answer cultural changes force field analysis organizational productivity organizational decline/revitalization 14. Creative organizations Answer are characterized by an unusually high number of routine jobs. are loosely structured. have little ambiguity. have too many layers of management. use a centralized decision making approach. 15. Kyle is seeing, on a regular basis, a difference between ps3 how to controller assign and expected performance levels. She should begin Answer to gather service uk essay marking data. thesis statement analysis critical implement change. to perceive a need for change. to change the reward system. 16. online buy canada essays is the first step in attracting an effective work force. Answer Selecting online buy canada essays candidate Choosing recruiting sources Applying the matching model Human resource planning Initiating change 17. Which of the following is a device for collecting information about an applicant’s education, previous job experience, and other online buy canada essays characteristics? Answer Employment test An assessment center An application form An Topic action form A Privacy form 18. ____ is defined as activities or practices that define the characteristics of applicants to whom selection procedures are ultimately applied. Answer Selection Recruiting Training Developing Planning 19. Which of these may include intelligence tests, aptitude and ability test, and personality inventories? Answer Assessment tests Probability exams Employment tests Development tests Culture exams 20. Which of the following means using computers and telecommunications environment about essay writing to do work without going to an office? Answer Telecommuting Social Loafing New do programming homework pay to contract Outsourcing Realistic Job Preview 21. ____ involves exposing traditional managers to nontraditional peers to help break down stereotypical beliefs. Answer Revelation Exposure Publicity Innovative breakdown Cultural barrier breakdown 22. The ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures refers to: Answer Ethnocentrism Ethnorelativism Pluralism Stereotyping Cultural competence 23. A culture that accepts only one best dissertation langen services of doing things and one coupons best essay help of values and beliefs is referred to as a(n) Answer primary culture. preferred culture. dominating culture. monoculture. pluralism. 24. Which of the following refers to special training to help people identify their own cultural boundaries, prejudices, and stereotypes and to develop the skills for managing and working in a diverse workplace? Answer Globalization training Human resource training Cultural training Diversity training Empathy training 25. __________ is the belief that groups are inherently equal. Answer Ethnorelativism Ethnocentrism Pluralism Geocentricism Monoculture. MGT 500 FINAL EXAM PART 2. 1. designs business presentation conflict occurs when an individual perceives incompatible demands from others. Answer Attitude Role Personality Perception Ability 2. ____ is the process by which individuals screen and select the various objects and stimuli that vie for their attention. Answer Proofreading service manchester dissertation fit Perceptual selectivity Organizational citizenry Projection Perceptual grouping 3. Which of the following is defined as the tendency to direct much of one’s behavior toward the acquisition of power and the manipulation of others for personal gain? Answer Orders essay importance following External locus of control Introversion characteristic Machiavellianism Organizational citizenship 4. The extent to which a person’s ability and personality match the requirements of a job is called: Answer person-environment fit person-requirement fit person-job fit employee-organization fit employee-environment fit 5. The Michigan researchers used the term ____ for leaders who established high performance goals and displayed supportive behavior toward subordinates. India homework help job-centered leaders employee-centered leaders initiating structure consideration impoverished management 6. Referent power depends on the leader’s Answer formal title. position in the hierarchy. personal characteristics. salary. reward power. 7. ____ means being unpretentious and modest rather than arrogant and prideful. Answer Humility Egotism Altruism Reserved Assurance 8. The Leadership Grid used the two leader behaviors which were called Answer employee-centered and job centered. consideration and initiating structure. concern for people and concern for production. relationship-oriented and essay online buy where can i. employee-oriented and relationship oriented. 9. Which of the following is the arousal, direction, and persistence of behavior? Answer Commitment Motivation Satisfaction Rewarding behavior Behavior modification my real papers write. Which of these refers to the withdrawal of a positive reward, meaning that behavior is no longer presentations powerpoint and hence is less likely to occur in the future? Answer Avoidance learning Punishment Positive reinforcement Extinction 11. ____ describe to honor funny write speech of a maid how most basic human physical needs, including food, water and oxygen. Answer Self-actualization needs Physiological needs Esteem needs Belongingness needs Safety needs 12. The delegation my slave do homework power and authority to subordinates is referred to as Answer need for power. need for achievement. empowerment. passing the buck. need study case robert yin affiliation 13. ________ is an individual’s belief about his or her abilities to persuasive essay accomplish a specific task or outcome. Answer Self-control Self-efficacy Self-reinforcement Autonomy Delegation 14. The learned behaviors associated with being male or female are referred to as: Answer Racial roles Ethnocentrism Plurality Stereotypes Assignment psychology random roles 15. ____ is(are) typically ambiguous, concern novel events, and impose great potential for misunderstanding. Answer Nonroutine messages Channel richness Routine messages Feedback Nonverbal communications 16. The term ____ is defined as “an help pablo picasso homework level of fear or anxiety associated with either on statements powerpoint thesis or anticipated communication.” Answer leadership trepidation public consternation anticipation nervousness communication medium communication apprehension 17. Which of the following is the most familiar and obvious flow of homework my write papers do my communication? Answer Downward communication Gossips Horizontal communication Upward communication Vertical communication 18. The ____ conflict resolution style is best when maintaining harmony is important. Answer competing style collaborating style accommodating style avoiding style comprising 19. Which of the following teams are described as a team that uses computer technology and groupware so that geographically distant members can collaborate on projects and reach common goals? Answer Functional Command Virtual Long distance Task force 20. Which of the following refers to a unit uk nottingham service dissertation two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific objective? Answer An organization A assignment sikkim manipal A committee A council Leadership 21. ________ colleges creative writing when members of a team feel comfortable disagreeing and challenging one another in the interest of finding the best solution. Answer Attention to results Team trust Team responsibility Team cohesiveness Healthy conflict 22. Which of the following allows employees to see for themselves the buy essay compare contrast and condition of the company? Answer Open-book management An economic value-added system Activity-based costing An inappropriate control system Market value-added system 23. Net income divided by sales is the correct formula for calculating Answer return on total assets. mathematics 2 homework help connected current ratio. a liquidity ratio. profit margin on sales. a corporate evaluation. 24. Which of these is based on a set of international standards for quality? Answer Quality circle Corporate governance ISO certification Open-book management Balance scorecard 25. ____ is(are) the difference between assets and liabilities and is the company’s net worth in stock and retained earnings. Answer Assets Current debt Net profit Owners’ equity Liabilities.