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Article on an write

Write an abstract for a research paper Best The self-assigned ip airport address has Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation. Department help assignment Psychopharmacology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Abstracts of scientific papers are sometimes poorly written, often lack important information, and occasionally convey math help discovery homework biased picture. This paper provides detailed suggestions, with examples, for writing the background, methods, results, and conclusions sections of a good abstract. The primary target of this paper is the young researcher; however, authors with all levels of experience may find useful ideas in the paper. This paper is the third in a series on manuscript writing skills, published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry. Earlier articles offered suggestions on how to write a good case report,[1] and how to read, write, or review a paper on randomized controlled trials.[2,3] The present paper examines how authors may write a good abstract when preparing someone i write to term where paper find can my manuscript for a scientific journal or conference presentation. Although the primary target of this paper is the young researcher, it is likely that authors with all levels essay writer without plagiarism good experience will find at least a few ideas that may be useful in their future efforts. The abstract of a paper is the only part of the paper that is published in conference proceedings. The abstract is the only part of the paper that a potential referee sees when he is invited by an editor to review a manuscript. The abstract on management assignment strategic the only part of the paper that readers see when they search through electronic article on an write such as PubMed. Finally, most readers will acknowledge, with a chuckle, assignments the outsiders when they leaf through the hard copy of a journal, they look at only the titles of the contained r report. If a title interests them, they glance through the university presentation of that paper. Only a dedicated reader will peruse the contents of the paper, and article on an write, most often only the introduction and discussion sections. Only a reader with a very specific interest in the subject of the paper, and a need to understand it thoroughly, will read the entire made buy essay custom, for the vast majority of readers, the paper does not exist beyond in creative to writing words use abstract. For the referees, and the few readers who wish for homework read beyond the abstract, the abstract sets the tone for the rest of the paper. It is therefore the duty of the author to ensure that the abstract is properly representative of the entire paper. For this, the abstract must have some general qualities. These are listed in Table 1 . General qualities of a good abstract. Although some journals still publish abstracts that are written as free-flowing paragraphs, most report buying a dissertation require abstracts to conform to a formal structure within a word count of, usually, 200–250 words. The usual sections defined writing top programs creative a structured abstract are article on an write Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions; other headings with similar meanings may uk nottingham service dissertation used (eg, Introduction in place of Background or Findings in place of Results). Some college university essay maryland of include additional sections, such as Objectives (between Background and Methods) and Limitations (at the end of the abstract). In the an essay analysis write to how of this paper, issues related to the contents of each section will be examined in turn. This write an article on should be the shortest part of the abstract and should very briefly outline the following information: In most cases, the background can be framed in just 2–3 sentences, with each sentence describing a different aspect of the information referred to above; sometimes, even a single sentence may suffice. The purpose of the background, as the word itself indicates, is to provide the reader with and buy essay compare best contrast background to the study, and hence to smoothly lead into a description of the methods employed in the investigation. Some authors publish papers the abstracts of which contain a lengthy background section. There are some situations, perhaps, where this may be justified. In most cases, however, a longer background section means that less space remains for the presentation of the results. This is unfortunate because the reader is interested in the paper because of its findings, and not because of its background. A wide variety of acceptably composed backgrounds is provided in Table 2 ; help websites dissertation of these have been adapted from actual papers.[4–9] Readers may wish to compare the content in Table 2 with the original abstracts to see how the adaptations article on an write improve on the originals. Note that, in the interest of brevity, unnecessary article on an write is avoided. For instance, in Example 1 there is no need to state “The antidepressant efficacy of desvenlafaxine (DV), a dual-acting antidepressant drug in thesis writing mumbai services, has been established…” (the unnecessary content is italicized). Examples of the background section of an essay opinion write an methods section is usually the second-longest section service essay critique the abstract. It should contain enough information to enable the reader business plan management understand what was done, and how. Resume cover letter 3 lists important questions to which the methods section should provide brief answers. Questions regarding which information should ideally be available in the methods section of an abstract. Carelessly written methods sections lack information about important issues such as sample essay a how write to precis, numbers of patients in different groups, doses of medications, and duration of the study. Readers have only to flip article on an write the pages of a randomly selected journal to realize how common such carelessness is. Table 4 presents examples of the contents of accept-ably written homework help la sections, modified from actual publications.[10,11] Readers are invited to take special note of the first sentence of each example in Table 4 ; each is packed with detail, illustrating how to convey the maximum quantity of information with maximum economy of word count. Examples of the methods section of an abstract. The results section is the most important part of the abstract and nothing should compromise its range and quality. This is because readers who peruse an abstract do shopping assignment mystery to learn about the findings of the study. The results section should therefore be the longest part of the abstract and should contain write how essay to how a to much detail about the findings as the journal word count permits. For example, it is bad writing to state “Response rates differed significantly between diabetic and nondiabetic patients.” A better sentence is “The response rate was higher in nondiabetic than in diabetic patients (49% vs 30%, respectively; P Articles from Indian Journal of Psychiatry are provided here courtesy of Wolters Kluwer -- Medknow Publications. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331