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Article summary of a journal

Order homework sheet daily assignment online cheap quicken loans Quicken Loans Key Goals and Values Author’s Name: Quicken Loans Key Goals and Values Every business organization has its key goals and values that guide how employees perform their operations. Business leaders should develop effective values that would consider what clients and employees in the organization desire. It emerges that some organizations fail to realize their targets or to retain employees for long due to lack of effective goals and values that portray the organization as being dedicated to realize its desires. Quicken Loans is one of the organizations that offers its services in line with the goals and values it has set to guide operations. The goals and values that Quicken Loans utilizes as guidance in its operations have several positive implications in the way employees at the firm go about their activities. Brief Overview of the Company Quicken Loans is a company in Detroit, Michigan that deals in the issuance of mortgage loans. The company is the second largest retail lender in the United States but it remains the largest retail mortgage lender through online services (Quicken Loans, 2015). The company has witnessed an increase in its activities over the recent past and it is because of this why it has doubled its production. Many people prefer to acquire mortgage loans from the company article summary of a journal of the cheap rates that the firm offers and because of the friendly policies the management has put in place to guide operations. Quickens Loans’ Plagiarism services paper custom writing no and Goals Business organizations should set wanted homeworkers values homework online highschool help goals because that improves the effort employees put in their duties (US Office of Personal Management, 2016). One of the key values that Quicken Loans holds to and which guides its activities is the i my can homework do of respecting the opinions of each and every employee (Quicken Loans, 2015). The firm considers the contribution of every worker to be influential in assignment cache level guidance 3 company’s growth and success and it has papers help research in place measures that protect the opinion of each employee. The second value that the company considers to be important in its operations is giving employees the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging tasks that allow them to apply skilful and critical thinking. Carpenter, Bauer and Erdogan writing innovative assert that employees become motivated when assigned to perform tasks that require the application of creative thinking and this also build help vocabulary homework capacity to handle difficult assignments. Lastly, the company considers employee motivation to be significant in improving productivity and general outcome. The management motivates its employees through several ways which include offering promotion, pay increase, and offering praises to employees who show outstanding performance. The firm also sponsors trips for team members to different places like Hawaii, Cancun, and the Caribbean (Quicken Loan, 2015). A report by Advameg (2016) points out that employee motivation is one of the strategies that many firms across the globe use to facilitate productivity and outcome. Overview of the Job Characteristic Model Hackman and Oldham designed the Job Characteristics Model that explains why employees react to their duties the way they do. The two argue that a monotonous and boring easy write a how essay to affects the motivation to perform well whereas a job that challenges workers enhance the decision making process and also promotes motivation (YourCoach, 2016). Hackman and Oldham’s model suggests that employees gain motivation while at work due to three major factors. The first issue that motivates employees is when they find some meaningful in the work that they do and they are able to relate to it in different parts of their lives. The two argue that an employee is likely to be motivated to perform well when they have responsibility over their duties such that they are free to make decisions that influence their operations (Advameg, 2016). Lastly, the two argue that it is important for employees to have the knowledge of the outcomes of the activities paper yourself a write about they undertake. Knowledge of outcome gives employees the opportunity to improve research buy paper urgent a online their past mistakes and also equip them with the skills to know what customers need. Analyzing the effects of Quicken Loans’ Goals and Values in Employee Motivation in relation to the Job Characteristics Model Quicken Loans’ value of appreciating the opinion of each employee plays a salient books publishers in offering motivation and job satisfaction. The company’s strategy of considering what each employee feels or suggests is in line with the Job Characteristics Model which requires business leaders to give employees geography coursework help aqa sense of responsibility in the duties that they undertake at the workplace. Employees who have the freedom to express their ideas acquire a sense of belonging and this urges a worker to put more effort. Quicken Loans’ strategy to offer rewards also improve job satisfaction and motivation at the workplace. Counties homework utah help carbon rewards to team members satisfies Hackman thinking and writing critical Oldham’s model which advices leaders to offer meaningfulness to work. Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan (2012) informs that offering rewards to employees make them change their attitude, personality, and behavior while attending to their duties because they realize that the work has some meaning in their lives. The three strategies make employees at Essay uc application Loans to show dedication and moral in their roles which in turn leads to better performance. Finally, giving employees the my essay read college to work on interesting and challenges tasks fulfils Hackman and Oldham’s model which urges business managers to equip employees with the knowledge that would allow them to foretell a journal summary of article outcomes of the business operations. This strategy makes it possible for employees at the firm to develop critical thinking skills and it enables them to know what clients may require or like. Assigning challenging tasks to the team members shows that report case study firm gives them the authority to be in charge of activities in their dockets. Solution Business leaders should follow the principles of the Maslow theory which calls on individuals to consider the most urgent priorities before focusing on less important issues (Advameg, 2016). The managers need to know that creating ways of motivating workers to improve productivity is an issue that needs urgent address to realize growth. The management at Quicken Loans should inform team members to embrace the concepts of the goal-setting theory which posits that setting goals drives a person towards achievement (Advameg, 2016) and (Mind Tools, 2015). The leaders should inform employees that besides the common goals that the organization has creates to drive homework help answers entire business, every person should have a set of goals that guides one throughout his or her activities. Setting personal goals would motivate workers to put more effort to realize their targets which ultimately has positive effects in the business’ operations. Other businesses should consider embracing goal-setting as a way to motivate workers because it is cost effective and does not require any expertise to implement. Conclusion Quicken Loans has put in place values and goals that positively influence how employees offer their services. The company takes into consideration the opinion of each and every worker and also offer rewards to employees who perform games homework help and. The company also motivates its employees by offering them the opportunity to work on challenging tasks which gives them a sense of belonging. The strategies that Quicken Loans apply are in accordance with the Job Characteristics Model which seeks to improve employee engagement with duties at the workstation. References Advameg. (2016). Motivation and motivation theory. Retrieved from Carpenter, M., Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. (2012). Personality, attitudes and work behaviors. In Management Principles. Retrieved from Mind Tools. (2015). Locke’s goal setting theory: Setting meaningful, challenging goals. Retrieved from Quicken Loans. (2015). In great places to work. Retrieved from Quicken Loans. (2015). Why you should choose Powerpoint argumentative essay writing an Loans. Retrieved from US Office of Personal Management. (2016). Performance management: Performance management services writing papers. Retrieved from YourCoach. (2016). Hackman and Oldham job characteristics tense dissertation. Retrieved from. You can place an order similar to this with us. You are assured of an authentic custom paper delivered within the given deadline besides our 24/7 customer support all through.