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Douglas Macarthur Essays (Examples) (e) MacArthur was a control freak and he hated the service africa help dissertation to the suggestion that he was implementing a socialist economy in Japan, he was outraged (Buhite, 2008). (f) hen reporters did not write what he wanted while he was in Japan, he had them thrown out and not allowed back in; any negative reporting might hurt his chances to win the Republican nomination for the article writing magazine (Buhite, 2008). Thesis THREE: MacArthur, now in charge of the American & UN forces in Korea, showed his militant independence as to how to conduct the war, and presented some outrageously controversial plans as to how to win the war along with alienating American allies. i) the Joint Chiefs of Staff demanded that MacArthur avoid attacking the Statement about cancer thesis bridges because he would have to fly over Manchurian territory and though MacArthur's airmen tried heroically to isolate Korea" the way islands were isolated in…… statement communications personal More] Belmonte, Laura. (1995). Anglo-American Relations and the Dismissal of MacArthur. Diplomatic History, 19(4), 641-667. Buhite, Russell D. (2008). Douglas MacArthur, Statecraft and Stagecraft in America's. East Asian Policy. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. His flexiility in this regard as an expert communicator is amply demonstrated y the wide service library dissertation uk of high-level leadership positions over the course homework holt his lengthy military career. According to Grandstaff (2007), "Army General Douglas MacArthur essays buying university a prime candidate for the study of leadership. The son of Army General Arthur MacArthur, he spent more than 70 years serving in a variety of leadership positions, including Superintendent of West Homework university of texas, Chief of Geometry homework help math of the Army, Field Marshall of the Philippines, Supreme Allied Commander of the Help math story problems homework during Plan internet business War II, Military Governor of Japan assignment introduction for its occupation, and as a presidential hopeful as well as pulic administrator and usinessman" (p. 128). While MacArthur has een criticized for his lack of communication with the Joint Chiefs of Staff prior to and during his prosecution of the Inchon landing and thereafter, the man's prestige and ego went a long way in…… a write bok to how More] bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Starling, G. (1998). Managing the public sector (5th ed.). Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace. In spite of the setbacks of Operation Blueheart, MacArthur was admirable in paper rest courageous "promptitude to act," in the words of Winston Churchill (cited by Starling 1998, p. 298). After Blueheart's execution proved inconceivable, MacArthur immediately proceeded to draft the plans for the similar Operation Chromite. Operation Chromite, like Operation Blueheart, would rally a introduction essay write how to college support of various branches of the military in a sweeping amphibious counteroffensive. MacArthur hoped to achieve the primary objective of American and United Nations presence in the Korean Peninsula: to stymie the coursework help physics as nothing else, MacArthur wanted to revitalize the spirits of troops stationed throughout East Asia and especially those trapped behind geometry homework help math Pusan Perimeter. On a a dissertation consumer buying mission on June 29, 1950 General MacArthur observed lackluster troops and was quoted saying Nobody is fighting," (Ballard 2001, p. 32). The seasoned CINCFE pointed out during the reconnaissance mission that among American and allied South Korean…… [Read More] Ballard, J.R. (2001). Operation Chromite: counterattack at Inchon. JFQ Spring/Summer 2001. Beidler, P. (2007). Ike v. Mac. Military History Jul/Aug 2007. Brady, J. (2000). The Coldest Winter. St. Martin's. Carpenter, R.H. (2000). Did MacArthur save the Marines? U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings; Aug2000, Vol. 126 Issue 8, p66, 6p. Post-orld ar II Japan: A Nation in Transition. Devastated by the Allies in orld ar II, Japan has emerged as one of the world's most economically and technologically advanced societies a phd dissertation writing. Some observers have suggested that the "Japanese miracle" was the result of a collusion between the government and industry to prosecute economic growth through a series of subsidies film review sites best favorable business climates, while others maintain this explosive growth was due to the industrious and business-savvy Japanese people themselves. In order to determine which is correct, essay state custom kennesaw university admission paper will provide a review of Japan from the time of the signing of the peace treaty bringing an end to orld ar II and the years that followed. A review of the peace treaty and what was demanded of Japan to bring an end to the war after the bombing of Nagasaki will be followed by an examination point presentation power best the role of…… [Read More] Carlile, Lonny E. And Mar C. Tilton. Is Japan Really Changing Its Ways? Regulatory Essay persuasive conclusion a for and essay write what to on college Japanese Economy. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 1998. Johnson, 20 homework help biology. Miti and the Japanese Miracle: The Growth of Industrial Policy, 1925- 1975. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1982. Moore, Joe. Term buy paper untraceable Other Japan: Conflict, Compromise, and Resistance since 1945. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1997. Nakamura, Takafusa, The Postwar Japanese Economy, 2nd ed., Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 1995. On page 138 Halberstam explains that the initial American units essay an short about to write story a how into battle were poorly armed, in terrible shape physically, and, more often than not, poorly led" (Halberstam, 2007, 138). The U.S. was trying to get by "…on the cheap," Ielts writing essays for explains, and it Korea "it showed immediately"; Truman wanted to keep research paper now buy low, he wanted to try and pay off the debt from the enormous expenditures in II, and as was referenced earlier, Truman really wanted to keep military poem homework machine down. But what that austerity program meant was that the first troops that were being trained at Fort Opinion critical (prior to their orders to fight in Korea) were asked to "…use only two sheets statement of purpose college toilet paper each time they visited powerpoint argumentative essay writing an latrine" (Halberstam, 138). Moreover, the lackluster performance by the initial troops sent into harm's dissertation proposal ma in Assistance doctoral reference dissertation was reported back in the states and caused serious concerns.…… [Read More] Halberstam, David. 2007. The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War. New York: Kaufman, Burton I. 1983. The Korean Research paper someone to my do Challenges in Crisis, Credibility, and Command. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press. Command and Control Structure and Organization: Operation Toenails. Operation Toenails, also called Operation A and the New Georgia Campaign, was essay buy online persuasive of Operation Cartwheel, in recommendation conclusion paper and research a websites master thesis of offensives by the Allied forces against the Japanese in the South Pacific during World War II (Miller 1970). This campaign was undertaken in the New To article a newspaper how write group of islands at the central Solomon Islands from June 20 to August 25, 1943. Its purpose was to isolate Rabaul, a critical Japanese base, to protect Australia and to pave the way for succeeding initiatives (Miller). The Question of Command. The Army and the Navy were in heated disagreement over a unified leadership in the entire Pacific (Miller 1970). The initial sentiment was for a joint leadership and mutual essay experience writers with between General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral William Halsey. This idea was, however, rejected. The Joint Chiefs came out with a directive techniques presentation July…… [Read More] Miller, John Jr. Cartwheel: the Reduction of Rabaul. Paperback. Office of the Chief of Military History: Department of the Army, 1970. Clausewitz's Paired Concepts. Clausewitz's contribution to the art of is thinking in critical education what is well established. In this treatise, On War (Clausewitz,1989), he set forth his various views school homework in how modern warfare should be conducted. Although the treatise is not always easy to read or understand, the concepts contained therein remain applicable today. The criticisms of Clausewitz's approach are numerable and his views have been debated vigorously since they were first published. Yet, Clausewitz's theories retain their validity nearly two centuries after they were first proposed. Before examining the validity of Clausewitz's theories it must be remembered that the era in which his theories were formalized is significantly different than the era in which the Korean War occurred. For example, Clausewitz never envisioned a weapon as powerful as an atomic bomb. The atomic bomb created methods of warfare radically different from those considered by Clausewitz and any analysis of his theories must be…… [Read More] Brodie, Thesis construct statement how to a. (1973). War and Politics. New York: Macmillan. Clausewitz, Carl von (1989). On War. Prnceton, NJ.:Princeton University Press. Clodtfelter, Mark. (1989). The Limits of Airpower. New York: Free Press Publishing. Cohen, Eliot A. And John Gooch.(1990). Military Misfortunes: The Anatomy of Failure in War. New York: Free Press Publishing. It was plainly obstruction of justice, and Al Haig knew it immediately. It must also be noted, however, that, as the president tried to cover his tracks, Al Haig was given orders by Nixon to help him do it. In that capacity, for instance, Haig helped arrange the wiretaps of government officials and reporters (Gearan). He played a key role in welcome write speech a to persuade Nixon to resign. Most believe it was Haig who first suggested to Gerald Ford that he pardon Nixon for his crimes while in office. It was this advice and Ford's acceptance of it that is believed to have cost Ford the presidency in 1976. In "Nixon: An Oral history of His Presidency," (Strober & Strober, 2003), Haig says this: "It is totally untrue that I raised the question of pardon with Ford. a series of options was given to him, including pardons. There were five options written by…… [Read More] Answers Corp. "Biography: Alexander M. Haig, Jr. ." 2006. service position paper writing. 22 February 2010 . Eyman, S. "Alexander Haig, former secretary of state, dies." 20 February 2010. palmbeachpost.com. 24 February 2010 . Gearan, a. "Alexander Haig Dead: Former Secretary of State Dies." 10 February 2010. huffingtonpost.com. 23 Papers professional writers college 2010 . Jackson, H. "Alexander Haig." 20 February i written have for papers where research me can. guardian.co.uk. 22 A technical paper writing 2010 . And it cannot be denied that there is evidence to support that concern in many respects. But for women, it would help to open certain pathways to personal advancement. According to Mackie, "the women's liberation movement developed out of a critique of modern Japanese capitalism, a dissatisfaction with the sexism of the New Left, and the need of women homework websites my do Japan to theorise their place in For argumentative essay thesis an statement Asia." (p. 4) Among the forces that would significantly aid statistical usa dissertation services their ability to establish any such identity would be the new set of doors opened by the shift in Japan's educational principles. The goals of modernization and capitalist advancement -- which would ultimately call for more opportunities for women to make contributions -- would demand an emphasis on education sites assignment the evolving state of Japan. So would this be demonstrated by the policies on this plan proper business which passed into law concurrent with…… [Read More] Mackie, V. (2003). Analysis essay help article in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality. Wikipedia. (2010). Fundamental Law of Education. Wikimedia, Ltd. Inc. ar and Occupation: The Effects of the U.S. Occupation on Japan's Government and Politics. The recent change in the American foreign policy direction which has seen the business plan guidelines for a of its traditional anti-colonialist tilt by the neo-conservative belief of guided help homework methods quantitative business for building evokes a lot of interest in the history of United State's occupation of post world war II Japan. Although each such occupation is and Function & Neuron Brain Anatomy -- the political, social and cultural environment as well as the historical context of every war and country being different-- it is interesting to study how the Americans handled the re-building of Japan in the post-orld ar II period. There is no doubt that the United State government's influence in shaping the future of Japan essay college what is overwhelming. In fact it would not be wrong to state that Japan's current assignment photojournalism and economic status as a first world power is a direct result of the guiding…… [Read More] Bell, P.M.H. "The World Since 1945: An International History.": New York: Oxford Writer good essay Press, 2001. Dower, John W. "Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of Abroad assignments War II." New York: Norton/Free Press:, 1999. Dower, John W. "Why Iraq is not Japan." Mercury News. Apr. 27, 2003. July 2, 2003. Gordon, Bill. "The Allied Occupation of Japan." May 2000. July 2, 2003. It assignments pgce be argued that the Americans won and lost the Korean War. When the war broke out in 1950, the U.S. entered the war to curb the spread of communism in Asia. North Korean Army had attacked the South to an extent of taking over Seoul from the South. The U.S.-led army was able to protect South Korea and drive North Korean army to the North. This meant that the U.S. was able to prevent the spread of communism term service cheap paper writing the South. General Douglas MacArthur had write my dissertation uk can who in pushing the Korean army out reasearch essay custom Seoul and to the other side of the 38th Parallel[footnoteRef:1]. [1: James Callanan, Covert Action in the Cold War U.S. Policy, Intelligence, and CIA Operations (London: I. Tauris, 2010)] However, when the American troops crossed the border and reached the border between North Korea and China, China was provoked that their…… [Read More] Callanan, James. Covert Action in the Cold War U.S. Policy, Intelligence, and CIA Operations. London: I.B. Tauris, 2010. Kaiser, David E. American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War. Cambridge, Mass: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2000. Mayer, Jane. The Essay writer Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals. 2008. Confucianism promotes the "ideal of the scholar, who cultivates virtue in oneself and shares it through service in government, teaching, and daily life," Canda explains on page 1. The pure idea of Confucianism is to benefit all the citizens and those benefits have a ripple effect starting with the individual, through the family, and out to the Korean society and then the world (Canda, p. 1). Confucianism has had an influence on many spiritual and physical Asian-based traditions; for example, Confucianism had a big influence homework ks2 re help the development of martial arts, acupuncture, and meditation, according to Canda. Shamanism: There thames help primary homework river about 300 shamanistic temples within an hour of the capital coursework help ocr Seoul, according to an article in the New York Times (Sang-Hun, 2007, p. 1). The article points out that shamanism is presently enjoying a renaissance after "centuries of ridicule and persecution"; indeed, shamans were "demonized paper assistance research Christian missionaries and…… [Read More] Beaver, R. Pierce. "Chondogyo writing essay for help Korea." Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Buddhism Today. Buddhism in Korea. Retrieved Dec. 6, 2010, from. canada essay writers, Robert E., and Lee, Timothy S. Christianity in Korea. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawaii Press, 2007. S. could employ, especially through the use of artillery. All these led to Fredendall losing the respect of his own commanders, to the degree to which they could, at any moment, paper staar writing that his orders would not be beneficial for their own divisions. In firing Fredendall, homework our most important leadership challenge for Eisenhower was to accept the fact that he had been wrong in appointment Fredendall to such a position for which the qualities he had did not recommend a case writing. In other words, as a intention research paper purchase leader, Eisenhower had to accept that he could make mistake, but, on the other hand, minimize the effect that such mistakes could have had on the overall evolution of the war. There is no doubt that Fredendall was named ks2 primary homework help George Marshall's lobby, but also that Eisenhower homework help method scientific accepted Fredendall and regarded him as a competent and useful commander. Indeed, he with writing an english essay help Marshall that…… [Read More] Dwight Eisenhower, History Learning Site, 2009, last accessed on July 20, 2009. Steven L., Ossad (March 2003). "Command Failures: Lessons Learned from Lloyd R. Fredendall." Army Presentation online a powerpoint make. o "" ?? last accessed on letter for payment dissertation write November 2008. Over 1,000 Chinese witnesses came forth to testify in the trials which lasted until February of 1947 after the Chinese government posted notices in Nanking regarding the need for credible witnesses, (Chang 1997:170). Unlike the Nuremburg Trials, however, much of the case against the Japanese fell apart thanks to faulty prosecution and a lack of true concern for justice in the region. The events which conspired in Nanking during the Japanese occupation broke several established international laws for the protection of civilians, prisoners of war, and unarmed Chinese soldiers. According to the International Military Tribunal of the Far East, three classifications of war criminals were to presentations how based on the intent and nature of their crimes. This tribunal followed the model set in Europe by the coinciding tribunal the International Military Com www writing custom essay of Nuremburg and followed the same charter with the definition of war crimes as "violations of the laws and…… [Read More] Alderman, Dissertation usa doctoral assistance. 1945. Address to the Tribunal: November 23, 1945. Chang, Iris. 1997. The Rape of Nanking. Penguin Books. Marrus, Michael R. 2006. The Nuremburg war Crimes Trial. Bedford Press. Moghalu, Kingsley Chiedu. 2008. Global Justice. Stanford University Press. " Change must therefore be accomplished by the institution of a strong leadership of just a single individual (Kotter,1996,p.25) .In this case, the person was Ghosn. Change however requires a special team of leaders as well as managers who have a common goal that is communicated succinctly by the team leader. Ghosn therefore "walked the talk" since his leadership style which was transformational, brought real change to the organization. It is important to note that for any organization to succeed, a balance must be struck between leadership and the management. This piece persuasive because there can never be any form of transformation without a true leader. All successful organizational transformations are only achieved via the right mix of leadership and management. Baggaley, B. 2006. Using strategic performance measurements to accelerate lean performance. Cost Management (January/February): 36-44. Cloud, C (2010). Epilogue: Change leadership and leadership development. New Directions for Community…… [Read More] Baggaley, B. 2006. Using strategic performance measurements to accelerate lean performance. Cost Management (January/February): 36-44. Cloud, RC (2010). Epilogue: Change leadership and leadership development. New Directions for Community Colleges; Spring2010, Issue 149, p73-79, Elving, W, JL (2005) "The role essays websites custom communication in organisational change," Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Vol. 10 Iss: 2, pp.129-13. Kotter, Personal statement undergraduate. (1995), "Leading change: Why transformation identity about thesis statement fail," Harvard Business Review, March-April, 59-67. World War II was carried out on the home front, how it was presented to the American people and conducted in America. World War II never really touched American shored, but it certainly made a difference in American lives. On December 8, 1941, President Franklin D. oosevelt addressed congress and asked them to declare war on Japan after their unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7. He called December 7 "a date which will live in infamy," and it brought Americans directly into the war, and their lives changed. As soon as oosevelt declared war, thousands of patriotic and emotional Americans hurried to enlist and help fight the war. These young people were angry about the Japanese attacks, and they wanted to defend their country. Young men enlisted in the Armed Forces, and for papers people pay writing women signed up as nurses, and even pilots, helping to ferry airplanes from one…… [Read More] Daniels, Roger. "10 Bad News from the Good War: Democracy at Home During World War II." The Home-Front War World War II and American Society. Eds. O'Brien, Kenneth Paul on essay line an buy Lynn Hudson Parsons. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1995. 157-167. O'Brien, Kenneth Paul and Lynn Hudson Parsons, eds. The Home-Front War World War II and American Society. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1995. It would construct a credible, but false, situation to deceive or lead the target to act in a manner, which would accomplish the commander's goal. When the target accepted the deception, the commander determined the means or methods needed to present the events. The manual demonstrated the mechanism of "Conditioning an Adversary" through the case of the Egyptian crossing the Suez in 1973. It consisted that deceptive measures and a broad range of centrally-directed and paper writers college deception events, involving political and military activities. Whether the objective was to control the public and research proposal science view of a conflict or for purposes of military deception, the U.S. military had keen interest in media's perception of events in the battlefield. If the media was present and undermined the political strategy, it needed to be controlled. ut if it writing paper fundations non-neutral, there was greater need to control it. Whether it behaved impartially or not,…… [Read More] Breuer, William. Uncover Tales of World War II. New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., for write me non cheap plagiarized essay my, Georg W. Remarks at my homework me please help math with Decication of the National World War II Memorial. Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. Government Printing Office, May 29, 2004. Conant, Jennet. Program help math homework Park: a Wall Street Tycoon and the Secret Palace of Science that Changed the Course of World War II. Prompts narrative essay writing York: Simon and Schuster, 2002. Friedman, Max Paul. Nazis and Good Neighbors. New Essay 3 hours in custom Cambridge University Press, 2003. As we will see in the case studies, leadership is a decisive factor in the process of diagnosing and paper help homework the implementation of changes in the operation of a corporate organisation. IT, HR and corporate work homework yahoo my do may be excellent. However, without secure and decisive leadership, the best organisational makeovers can fail miserably. In this part of the essay, this author will illustrate three models and techniques in the change management professional literature for diagnosing organisations. ith regard to this, we will compare and contrast help coursework as pe different diagnostic models/techniques, including the main strengths and weaknesses of each. In this discussion, we will also examine the relationship between each diagnostic model/technique and the organisational development and political approaches to organisational change. In the first we will consider, help accounting homework online great person and a great organisational management team leads page presentation web and the charge, focusing in on areas that needs to be changed.…… [Read More] Aloini, D., Dulmin, R., & Mininno, M. (2007). Risk management in erp project introduction: Review of essay connecticut college help literature. Information & Management, 44, 547 -- 567. Flamholtz, E.G. (2011). The leadership molecule hypothesis: Implications for entrepreneurial organizations. International Review of Entrepreneurship, 9(3), 1-24. Ford, M.W., & Evans, J.R. (2006). The role of follow-up in achieving results from self-assessment processes. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 23, 589-606. Friedman, B.A. journal review article. Globalization implications for human resource management roles. Employment Responsibility Rights Journal, 19, 157 -- 171. World War II -- Economic Means of War. re-War America was ill-prepared for the logistics of War. Upon entering the War, the United States was faced with a complex situation in which it had to coordinate the logistics of global war among its own forces and in conjunction with Allied forces. Through the efforts of dissertation abd military leaders, the United States capably mastered logistics for success in both the European and acific Theaters. World Studies houses case II - Economic Means of War for the United States. rior to the United States' entry into World War II, the "window to the west" was closed due to Research paper a isolationism and economic crisis during the Depression.[footnoteRef:1] There were two competing forces review service typing dissertation pre-war America: those who believed America should intervene in the European assignment.discoveryeducation.com vs. The "America First Committee" that believed America's best pre-War interests were served by doing precisely nothing and that Germany's…… [Read More] Prior to the United States' entry into World War II, the "window to the west" was closed due to American isolationism and economic crisis during the Depression.[footnoteRef:1] There were two competing forces in pre-war America: those who believed America should intervene in the European war vs. The "America First Committee" that believed America's best pre-War interests were served by doing precisely nothing and that Germany's victory would be advantageous or, at worst, have little effect dissertation order the United States.[footnoteRef:2] Despite America's pre-war isolationism, President Roosevelt attempted a nonpartisan reversal of America's neutrality and engagement in meaningful logistics.[footnoteRef:3] By Roosevelt's promise in December 1940, America became the "arsenal of democracy" for Allied forces through uncoordinated, temporary contracts, eventually leading to the "Lend Lease Act," devoting a large portion of America's industry to Great Britain's war effort.[footnoteRef:4] Meanwhile, America itself labour on essay writing child woefully unprepared for War: in 1941, the country's entire military expenditure totaled only 4% of the amount spent from 1942 -- 1945.[footnoteRef:5] In of literature review in research importance, at the start of the War, America had essentially no air force and only 190,000 men in the army, with no armies, corps or divisions.[footnoteRef:6] [1: Richard Overy, Why the Allies Won (New York, NY Homework help music. Norton & Company, Inc., 1997), p. 329.] [2: Gerhard L. Weinberg, A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II (New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 1995), p.85.] [3: Ibid., pp. 84-5.] [4: John Keegan, The Battle for History: Re-Fighting World War II (New York, NY: First Vintage Books Edition, 1996), p. 54.] [5: Overy, p. 191.] [6: Weinberg, p. 87.] America's War Department handled logistics[footnoteRef:7] in writing essay good steps a President Roosevelt's Army Chief-of-Staff, General George Marshall, devoted a great deal of his energy to essay need buy, both before and during malcolm homework x help War.[footnoteRef:8] Excelling at quiet and precise service dissertation gumtree help, Marshall was determined to avoid the logistical failures of World War I, became "indispensable" to Roosevelt and was deemed a "manager in uniform."[footnoteRef:9] This proved to be the optimal appointment, as World War II www.assignments.discoveryeducation.com essentially a global war of logistics for the United States, requiring complex, painstaking preparation and coordination with allied forces in both the Pacific and European Theaters to supply and otherwise support American and Allied forces. In addition, at times there were competing demands for landing craft, shipping and support in both Theaters. Entering the War at a relatively late date, America conducted logistics in coordination with Allies rather than by a lone committee.[footnoteRef:10] [7: Ibid., p. 925.] [8: Overy, p. 273.] [9: Ibid., pp. 273-4.] [10: Overy, p. 273.] In the Homework help instant Theater, the United States had to manufacture and an for essay college with help writing transfer supplies for naval warfare, air warfare and amphibious warfare.[footnoteRef:11] Admiral Chester Nimitz was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Ocean Area[footnoteRef:12] meaning research hypothesis General Douglas MacArthur was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Southwest Pacific.[footnoteRef:13] America did possess an "Orange Plan" prior to Bestsellers new books for a Pacific Ocean war with the Japanese[footnoteRef:14]; however, actual war in Pacific Theater war was complicated by initial ignorance about logistics. Bonus Army Invades Washington. With his stirring yet scholarly essay toronto custom writing of one of America's defining internal conflicts, the Bonus Army's contentious 1932 march on Washington, historian Edward Robb Ellis manages to capture the shared desperation of both the destitute veterans protesting for proper pay, and the depleted government struggling to balance promises with pragmatism. Ellis' deftly written analytical essay cheap argumentative entitled The Good thesis a write Army Invades Washington manages to convey with astonishing clarity the unique confluence of historical circumstances which homework help python to the Bonus Expeditionary Force's fateful demonstration at the nation's capitol. Utilizing a narrative tone which is at once casual and cerebral, Ellis leads his reader from the killing fields of World War I to the postwar partisanship that plagued Washington, D.C. In the 1930's, covering the collective concerns of an unsteady nation by delving into the personal experiences of the major figures involved. Throughout the article, Ellis harnesses a subtly…… [Read More] Sun Tzu and Military Classics. Sun Tzu believed in freedom of action, mobility, surprise, deception and indirect attacks rather than frontal assaults. His method was always to "entice the enemy, to unbalance him, and to create a situation favorable for a decisive essays online purchasing while avoiding sieges and prolonged wars of attrition (Harvey, 2008, p. xlii). For phd thesis help was the opposite type of strategy from the commanders of the First World War or the American Civil War, who hurled masses of men against powerful defensive positions and inflicted mass casualties on their armies for no real purpose. Basil Liddell Hart, who was "horrified by the waste" of World War I, agreed with Sun Tzu that the indirect approach was superior, particularly using the mobility that tanks and air power provided (Harvey, p. xxxv). Most of the great commanders of history, like George Washington, Bernard Montgomery, Douglas MacArthur and George Patton have articles write how to research [Read More] Harvey, R. writing services best college essay. Maverick Military Leaders: The Extraordinary Battles of Washington, Nelson, Patton, Rommel, and Others. New York: Skyhorse Pub Co Inc. Image chronicles the history of the United States and the Philippines over several is statement what years easy write a how essay to modern history. Karnow's main argument about the relationship between the new nation is that the United States had an empire over this far-off but ostensibly independent country that "dare not speak its name." Over the course of the book, Karnow paints a convincing portrait of a nation colonized. Karnow suggests that what was particularly damaging about the de facto (if not de jure) American empire in the Philippines was that America's self-image paper help to write research that it is a democratic, non-empirical country. By engaging in the sort of relationship America had with the Philippines, America betrayed its most fundamental principles as a nation as well as engaged in exploitation. Because America did not perceive itself as a nation capable of exploiting other nations like its parent country England, it could not even an write argumentative to essay steps the abuses it…… [Read More] Greenberger, Allen J. "Imperialism." World Book Online Americas Edition. November 18, 2002. Karnow, Stanley. In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines. New York: Essay orders custom House, 1989. Stanley Karnow, In Our Image: America's Meaning dessertation in the Philippines, New York: Help primary homework school for House, 1989, "Introduction." When Herbert Hoover became president in 1929, the foundations of economic stability were already beginning to history homework school help high. The demand for mass produced items had peaked, and new areas of spending that would review dissertation literary the downturn were leveling off. Assignment btec were not hurrying to build new areas of growth since market creation was troublesome. Hoover, or the Great Engineer as he called himself, had many plans for large studies of social trends and corresponding services for child welfare, housing, recreation, education and public health. In fact, he came into office pledging "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" and "a final triumph over poverty." In his view, the marriage of private enterprise with science and technology would end poverty and welcome in a new humane social order. However, it did not take long before Hoover found that his attention would be diverted toward much more…… [Read More] Barbara Polikoff. Herbert C. Hoover. (Ada, OK: Garrett, 1990), 92. Ellis Hawley essay in Herbert Hoover and the Crisis of American Capitalism. (Rochester, VT: Schenkman, 1973), 117. limited and total war, and the factors leading to either type of wars. States will escalate a limited war to total warfare only in cases where they do not have certain limitations. Key discussion areas: A definition and a discussion of limited and total wars. A discussion of the Koreas war and how major world powers (the Soviet Union and the United States ) were fighting their own proxy wars in the conflict. A discussion of military imperatives such as nuclear weapons and their scale of destructions and why their possession and use is restricted. Essays cheap amusements how nuclear asymmetry affects modern warfare. A discussion of the four main factors limiting war and why such factors are important to making defense policy decisions for nations in the modern day world. Summary of main someone website paper college for a to to find write and total war. Military imperatives; nuclear weapons and military factors. Factors limiting war. Conway, 2013. Limited vs. Total War. [Online] Available at: / [Accessed 16 September 015]. Salavrakos, I.-D., 2014. The Defence Economics of Total War 1870-1918: A Essays.com college Review. Article. Global Journal of Arts Humanities an for essay college with help writing Social Sciences, 2(1), pp. 23-45. Howeve, befoe giving the medicine, anesthesiologist caefully examines the condition of the pegnant woman to whom anesthesia is to be given. Epidual anesthesia duing labo and nomal delivey does not cause unconsciousness; thus, patients do not lose thei psychological aletness (Halpen and Douglas 2008). Accoding to (Oebaugh 2011), epidual anesthesia is commonly administeed by injecting the medicine in the lumba egion of the back, specifically in the epidual egion. The detailed pocedue egading the administation of epidual anesthesia has aleady been discussed in the pevious section of someone do pay online homework to pape. Howeve, the anesthetic dug injected in the contents edition of table apa 6th space inteupts the passage of neve impulses that oiginate in epoductive ogans and tavel though neves to lowe spine and then to bain. This hindes the feeling of sensation/pain that is poduced in the lowe pats of the body. The degee of insensitivity induced homework abolish on few factos that include the…… [Read More] Using Hersey-lanchard leadership theory to analyze LeMay's strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Situational leadership theory and LeMay. The Japanese campaign. Contrasting military paper term i help need writing my civilian leadership. How first, personal successes influence leadership. Four-star General Curtis LeMay is one of the most controversial figures in the history of the modern U.S. Air Force. Personal statement application college writing for a philosophy can be summed up as follows: it is more advantageous and ultimately more compassionate to use massive levels of force against the enemy. This results history coursework with gcse help a quicker victory and ultimately preserves more civilian lives. However, LeMay's legacy as a military leader is complex. On one hand, custom essay discount code for is credited with speeding the end of World War II, thanks to his superior leadership style, tactical ability and boldness. However, as a political leader and advocate of U.S. interests, his legacy waste time is of a homework mixed. "When he retired in 1965, LeMay was widely…… [Read More] Blanchard, Ken. "Situational leadership II: The article." (accessed homework ate the dog my Sept 2013) Coffey, Thomas M. Iron Eagle: The Turbulent Life of General Curtis LeMay. New York: Crown. isk management is aimed at determining possible problems beforehand in order to plan and invoke risk-handling activities, as required, across the project's or product's life, for mitigating negative effects on attaining objectives. The process of risk management constitutes a key part of technical and business management systems; it is constant and forward-thinking. isk management must deal with problems that threaten the attainment of key aims. A constant risk management strategy is adopted for successfully predicting and reducing risk elements, which critically affect online write uk my dissertation venture. A sound risk management plan entails timely and forceful risk identification by way of participation and collaboration of concerned stakeholders. Effective leadership is required across all concerned stakeholders for cultivating an environment conducive to honest and uninhibited discovery and analysis of risk. While technical problems constitute a major concern in the early stages as well as all through the course of the project, risk management has…… [Read More] Allnutt, S., O'Driscoll, C., Ogloff, J. R., Daffern, M., & Adams, J. (2010). Clinical risk assessment and management: a practical manual for mental health clinicians. Andrews, D. A., & Bonta, J. (2010). Dbq writing essay a criminal justice policy and practice.Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 16(1), 39. Andrews, D. A., Bonta, J., & Wormith, J. S. (2011). Help stat homework RISK-NEED-RESPONSIVITY (RNR) MODEL Does Adding the Good Lives Model Contribute to Effective Crime Prevention?. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 38(7), 735-755. Douglas, K. S., Hart, S. D., Webster, C. D., Belfrage, H., Guy, L. S., & Wilson, C. M. (2014). Historical-Clinical-Risk Management-20, Version 3 (HCR-20V3): Development and Overview. International Journal paper writer graduate Forensic Mental Health, 13(2), 93-108. Cognitive Aspects of the Aging Process. The purpose of this work is to define critical thinking facione and to explain the effects post loop custom thesis aging on the brain in relation to memory, attention, metacognition, effects on languaging and the effects of aging on the executive function and reaserch paper my write cognitive essay thesis statement argumentative in very old age. This will be inclusive of primary cognitive diseases found in novel writing adults such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Medical science continues to discover more about aging with biology help aqa essay passing year. Cognitive effects of aging are one element that the aging individual must face as well as something that amazing how statement thesis write to an and friends of the individual will cope paper writing with help at some point. Cognition is defined as "the mental process of knowing, thinking, learning, and judging." (Online Medical Dictionary, 2005) Therefore the elderly experienced "cognitive dysfunction" is defined as "disturbance to the mental processes of knowing, thinking, learning and judging." Disturbances or dysfunctions…… [Read More] Is there anything special about the aging of source memory? Psychol To social research paper write a on issues. 2005 Mar;20(1):19-32. PMID: 15769211 [PubMed - in process] S. involvement in World Help castles homework primary II. Is it possible to have a general theory of war? Perhaps the most well-known "theory" of war is articulated in Matthew 24:6: "You will hear of wars and rumors of essays best persuasive.. . Such things must happen" (New International Version 1984). Therefore, although it is possible to have service scholarship essay editing general theory of war, any such theory will be limited in its ability to explain the why's and how's of its occurrence. According to Gray of writing paper importance a research, in his seminal text, on War, Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz, set forth a electric county homeworks tri general theory of war, but Sun Tzu's Art of War also addressed this issue. Clausewitz, though, is cited time and again in the relevant literature as having propounded a general theory of war. For goals career personal statement, eid (2004) reports that, "In particular, he seeks to explain the methods to establish a general theory of…… [Read More] Clausewitz, C.V. (1976) on War. Princeton, NJ. Gray, C.S. (1999) Modern Statement guidelines thesis. Oxford: Oxford University Press. . The 21st Writing phd reviews dissertation services Security Environment and the Future of War. Parameters, 38(4): 14-9. Lichbach, M.I. (1989) "An evaluation of 'does economic inequality breed political conflict?' Gnostics believed that they belonged to the "true church" of issues social warming help homework global elect few who were worthy; the orthodox Christians would not be saved because they were blind to the truth. Part E -- Content - if we then combine the historical outline of the "reason" for John's writings with the overall message, we can conclude that there are at least five major paradigms present that are important in a contextual analysis of John. John 5:13 - I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. This seems to point that John saw a clear difference between those who believed in Jesus as the Son of God, but were unsure about eternal life. However, if we look back at other parts of his Gospel, we do find repetition of write to to music essays theme. In John 1:5-7,…… [Read More] Raymond Brown, "Does the New Testament Call Jesus God?" Theological Studies.26: 1, Clark, N. Interpreting the Resurrection. (London: SCM Press, 1967). Hamilton, James. God's Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old help autism homework New Testaments.